Sticking Doors: A Possible Sign of Foundation Settlement

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Imagine coming home from a night out with your spouse, the babysitter has put the kids to bed and you are ready to hit the hay. Checking up on the kids, you decide to open their bedroom door, just to make sure no bed bugs are biting. The door begins to stick… squeeeeak… and suddenly swings open from the added muscle needed to open it!  Would you be able to sleep through the ear-piercing sound of wood against wood and a door knob making a hole in the wall? Your kids probably won’t!

It is safe to say that situations such as the one described are extremely inconvenient, but more importantly, it could be evidence of a much more serious problem. Sticking doors could be an unfortunate and utterly annoying sign of a home’s foundation settling into the soil.

before image of cracks around door frame is a sign foundation settlingafter image of cracks around door frame is a sign foundation settling

Different parts of the floor will settle at different times, leaving your doors and windows susceptible to unevenness, sticking, spacing and cracking. Even more evidence of settling can be observed in brick or block wall cracks, the separation of a chimney from the house foundation, gaps above windows or cracks in the drywall.

These cracks and spaces can let allergens, moisture, and insect into the home, causing interior damage as well as a decrease in your personal comfort. Simply hiding the problem with caulk, paint, cement or other filler will only mask the problem – not solve it. Continual settling will only widen the cracks, weakening your home’s infrastructure and lowering its value.

before image of cracks around door frameafter image of cracks around door frame

Fortunately, Tar Heel Basement Systems has a plethora of different solutions for your foundation settling problems. Our team of specialists can design a tailored solution to your situation and give you a free, no-obligation estimate of the work.

One of these solutions could include IntelliJacks which can be placed in crawlspaces or basements. They are adjustable and can accommodate any future settling. Another solution that is even more effective with external cracking is the addition of Push Piers, which can be installed at the edge of the home to actually lift the foundation back to its correct position.

before image of stair-step cracks along brick wallafter image of stair-step cracks along brick wall

These are just a couple of the ways Tar Heel Basement Systems can help you get your home back into tip-top shape and keep your doors streamline and silent. Gone are the days of that awful wood-on-wood squeak once our team of experts lends you a hand.

If your brick walling has cracks, your windows have gaps or your doors annoy you to no end, give us a call and receive a free, no-obligation estimate. We look forward to solving all of your basement problems and working with you to make your home a healthier, happier and quieter place to be.