Summer Solstice Celebrations: A Thousand-Year-Old Tradition – Part 3

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

In order to prepare for the upcoming first day of summer and Greensboro’s Summer Solstice Festival this weekend we are reflecting upon the different cultures across the world that have been celebrating their own version of midsummer and embracing its unique qualities.’s article Summer Solstice Traditions offers us more fascinating information about those who viewed this day as monumental and important.

Summer Solstice Celebrations: A Thousand-Year-Old Tradition

In ancient China, the summer solstice celebration centered around honoring femininity and the earth. This ritual completes the winter solstice ritual which honors masculinity and the heavens. Bonfires are also a widely used symbol to celebrate the summer solstice with.

The mighty Vikings saw midsummer as a very important time for seafarers. On this day, they would commune to discuss legal issues and resolve any past disputes. Many wells on this day were believed to have healing powers. The Vikings would also compete against each other by jumping over the fires, predicting how high the next year’s crops would grow.

Greensboro 2014 Summer Solstice

Remember to catch Tar Heel Basement Systems this Saturday at the Greensboro Summer Solstice Festival located at the Arboretum. It runs 2pm to 10pm and will prove to be a fun-filled event for the entire family. Stop by, say “Hi!” and sign up for a free, no obligation in-home estimate.


Image Credit: Public domain illustration from Wikimedia Commons