5 Signs Your Foundation Might be Settling

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Foundation settling is caused by the soil beneath your home moving and shifting. The problem may be unavoidable in older homes but can be remedied with a number of different solutions. Keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs of foundation settling.

Signs on the outside:

1. Stair-step cracking. This is most commonly seen in brick or concrete homes. As the soil settles the foundation is pulled in different directions causing cracks in the most vulnerable areas.

2. Chimney separation. If a home’s foundation is settling, many times chimneys will separate from the home’s foundation. It is one of the most serious and threatening results of settling and should be taken care of immediately.

      stair-step crack on side of home              chimney leaning away from house is a sign of foundation problems

Signs on the inside:

1. Doors and windows out of square. Windows and doors may start to tilt, curve or move as the foundation settles in different areas. These areas become the weakest points of the home.

2. Cracks extending from corners of doors and windows. Many times, these cracks will be covered or caulked up by homeowners temporarily masking the problem. If the source of the crack is not taken care of, the problem will only worsen.

3. Separation of door or window from framing or finish. If a home’s foundation is settling, walls can be pulled away from the window or door frame creating a gap. This problem is easy to spot and should be given attention.

cracks around door and window frames is a sign of foundation repair      cracks around window frame on outside of home

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