ThermalDry: The Best Choice in Basement Flooring

Monday, July 21st, 2014

thermaldry the best choice in basement flooringWhen flooring a basement, many options may come to mind. If you’re thinking carpet or wood, think again! Materials made of organic substances are just begging to grow mold or start rotting. Basements tend to be the wettest area of a home and if humidity or water seepage is a problem, all of that flooring will need to be taken out.

The best option for covering a basement floor lies in plastic and inorganic material. One of the easiest and most cost-efficient solutions is the ThermalDry Flooring System. This product is the only completely inorganic basement floor covering system in the world! They are completely unaffected by flooding or leaking, do not let water vapor through them and will never grow mold.

Each square-foot tile locks tightly into the next one and has raised pegs underneath to create a temperature barrier. This space created between the slab and the tile also lets the damp concrete breathe, allowing the area to dry and ventilate.

There are many different carpet, vinyl and faux-wood options to choose from. If you’re interested in putting down a carpet color that we do not carry, our unfinished ThermalDry Floor Matting panels provide the same airspace and temperature barrier for you to cover with the carpet of your choosing.

thermaldry the best choice in basement flooring