Tar Heel Tip of the Week: Power Outages & What They Mean For Your Home

Monday, July 13th, 2015 by Jaimie Hooker

extreme summer thunderstorms and a hurricane season

When a homeowner wants to have their basement or crawl space dry, they want it to remain dry ALL of the time, not just part-time.

North Carolina is known for the extreme summer thunderstorms and a hurricane season that usually last only a short amount of time but can cause lasting damages and power outages. With a lot of precipitation coming down, your pump is working hard to keep the water out. Your sump pump runs off of an outlet in your home, what happens when your power goes out? With no sump pump back up, your basement or crawl space will become wet.

How can a homeowner keep their basement or crawl space dry all of the time? Conveniently, Tar Heel Basement Systems offers a battery backup solution that trumps the rest. The battery backup systems are perfect for those unexpected times when the power goes out or the pump gets accidentally unplugged.

flooded crawl space because of thunderstorm
For more information on protecting your biggest investment ALL the time or schedule a FREE estimate appointment, call our office today before the next big storm.











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