Tar Heel Tip of the Week: Mastering the Anti-Mold Technique

Monday, July 20th, 2015 by Jaimie Hooker

mold growing in the walls of a basement caused by moisture

Your home is your space. Protect YOUR investment by preventing mold, mildew, and moisture from ruining your environment.

When owning a home with a basement or a crawl space, having an anti-humidity system is key. Humidity is a silent killer of homes, and healthy indoor environments.

Mold is a living organism that breathes air, consumes food and needs moisture/water to survive. Mold thrives in areas where we like to live, growing on any organic material (anything that was once living) it can find. High relative humidity is generally found in the basement and crawl spaces of homes, the perfect area for mold to call home.

old dehumidifier rundown and broken

A dehumidifier is required to prevent musty odors, dampness and most of all prevent active mold from growing. Not just any dehumidifier will do, your home needs a high-performance dehumidification and air filtration system to handle the job.

Many store-bought dehumidifiers just cannot handle keeping up with the moisture and preventing it from returning. Store bought anti-humidity systems usually require the homeowner to continuously dump the water out, sometimes multiple times in a day. A bucket of standing water is allowing water vapor to just re-enter the air of the basement or crawl space, causing the store brand dehumidifier to work even harder.

Tar Heel Basement Systems offers, multiple high-performance options to keep relative humidity low, allowing homeowners to take back the space that is theirs. For more information about de-humidification or to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE consultation, call our office today.




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