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David R. of Snow Camp, NC

David’s home in Snow Camp, NC had the typical vented, dirt-floored crawl space with all the problems commonly found in these types of structures in North Carolina. It was dirty, mold, with signs of structural decay and a moldy, damp insulation falling from between the floor joists. David knew he needed a good company to fix the problem and as a savvy homeowner he thoroughly checked several area companies before choosing Tar Heel Basement Systems.”What they took out from under the house really blew my mind,” says Ron. When he saw all the dirty debris, he told his wife, “I wasted six, seven hundred dollars paying other people to go under the house and clean it out, and look at what is coming out of it now.” After cleaning up the mess, Tar Heel installed the CrawlSeal™ crawl space encapsulation system, and an energy-efficient dehumidifier that is virtually maintenance free, and once set will automatically monitor and control humidity to keep the area dry and mold free.”It was really nice. They got finished when they told me they would, cleaned everything up, didn’t have a problem with them at all. Tar Heel did a great job!” concludes David.

Michelle S. of Mocksville, NC

Michelle is a young homeowner who has just bought her first home in Mocksville, NC when she noticed that her dirt floored basement was causing a lot of problems throughout the house. Water was pooling on the floor and the relative humidity levels in the basement were so high that the floors joists and the floor above it were beginning to sag. Mold had also caused some of the joists to rot.Michele researched over the internet and was so impressed by the Tar Heel Basement Systems website, that she didn’t think about calling anyone else. She couldn’t be happier about her choice, because her entire experience with the company was extremely positive. From the inspection all through installation and completion, the company provided outstanding service. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed drainage and a sump pump system to keep water from pooling on the floor, encapsulated and insulated the space to isolate it from the dirt floor and outside moisture, then installed a dehumidifier to control humidity. The rotten floor joists were replaced and the sagging structure was stabilized and lifted with crawl space jacks. The floor is now back to level.”I couldn’t be more impressed that one company could take care of all of my problems. The work done by Tar Heel Basement Systems took care of three problems in my home inspection list, in one go.” says Michelle.

Michael S. of Lenoir, NC

Mike spent quite some time shopping around for a solution to his wet basement problems before he finally made up his mind and called in the experts at Tar Heel Basement Systems, a year after he first visited our website. According to him, Tar Heel was the obvious choice for many reasons. Their website answered many of his questions and the solution made sense to him. He knew by them that they were the local experts in waterproofing. The fact that Tar Heel was an authorized Basement Systems dealer gave him the assurance that company would stand behind their work and the installed products, which are backed by the manufacturer with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty. Basement Systems has been successfully fixing leaky basements for more than two decades, through a network of over 300 dealers across the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Ireland. He was satisfied with the whole experience, from inspection and sales to the installation and clean up. He is also very happy because his basement is now dry and healthy. If you have wet basement problems in North Carolina, call the experts at Tar Heel Basement Systems. We fix basements, crawlspaces and foundations in northwest North Carolina and Virginia, including the Lexington, Winston Salem, High Point, Greensboro, Lenoir, Mount Airy, Statesville, Bristol, Boone, Taylorsville, Abingdon areas, Mount Airy, Thomasville and nearby.

Pat P. of Lenoir, NC

Pat P. knew she needed to do something to fix the crawl space in her Lenoir, NC home. It had standing water, and so much moisture that the fiberglass insulation installed between the floor joists was soak and wet, moldy and falling off.She asked a contractor who was doing some other work in her house to take a look at the problem, but he was quick to tell her that of Tar Heel Basement Systems was the company to call because they would do a much better job.Pat was not unfamiliar with the company. She works at Habitat for Humanity, and Tar Heel Basement Systems is the company working with basements and crawl spaces for that organization.Tar Heel completely changed the way the crawlspace looks and feels. After cleaning up and correcting drainage issues with a perimeter drain and a powerful sump pump system, the vents were sealed and entire space was lined with the CrawlSeal™ vapor barrier, to isolate it from groundwater and the moisture that would otherwise get into the space through the vents. A dehumidifier was used to monitor and control humidity, so mold will never come back. Pat is very happy with the results. The contractor who referred her to Tar Hell told her that the crawl space is so clean he could sleep in there. “It does look great!” – says Pat. “If there were other people that needed to do the same thing that I’ve done I would be glad to recommend Tar Heel Basement Systems to them. I just feel that it is a hard working company and I feel like they do a quality job.”

John R. of Lexington, NC

John R. of Lexington, NC, found that his home’s foundation was so badly damaged that the whole house was practically standing on a single column. The home was so structurally unsafe that John was afraid of crawling under the house to assess the situation, and general contractors he called to help him refused to touch it. After making numerous calls, only one other company accepted the challenge, but charged a hefty price for the solution, which was way over what John could afford. Desperate for help, he began researching for alternatives to save his home’s foundation and finally found Tar Heel Basement Systems, learning about all the unique, exclusive technologies offered by the company to permanently and affordably fix all types of structural problems, including the one in his home. Upon inspection, the company decided to use helical piers to stabilize and lift the entire structure to its original position and then rebuild the foundation. Under the supervision of an on-site engineer, the helical piers were installed and John’s house now is 100% back on solid ground. John is very happy with the results, very impressed with the quality of the materials and with the technology employed, and is confident that his home foundation is now so well supported and so safe, he will never again have to worry about it.

Bill B. of Lexington, NC

Bill B.’ s home Lexington, NC had a few foundation related problems that he knew should be taken care of sooner than later. His dirt-floored crawl space was treated the conventional way: open vents and a thin poly sheet lining the floor to act as a vapor barrier. And just like every crawl space treated in that fashion, it had all the typical problems found in NC crawl spaces: high humidity, mold, smells and — to make matters worse — the moisture had weakened the floor joists and the floor above the crawl was sagging. There were also signs of foundation settlement. He needed to get professional help right away.”I did what any red-blooded American would do these days: I went on the Internet and started looking. Just making sure that the job was done properly and done in a very professional manner was our major concern.” That is how he found Tar Heel Basement Systems. He was very impressed by our system design specialist who performed a very detailed inspection and gave them a very thorough explanation of what the problems were, and what were the available solutions.The crawl space was sealed, insulated and conditioned to get rid of the moisture. An energy efficient crawl space dehumidifier monitors and controls relative humidity year-round. The sagging joists are now stabilized and supported by IntelliJacks™.The foundation settlement problem was corrected with foundation piers: steel piles that are driven into the soil until they reach bedrock or a load bearing strata and then used to stabilize the foundation, and is most cases, lift it back into its original position. “I would describe your company as a professional company that knows what it is doing, comes in, gets the job done, does what it says it is gonna do, and goes beyond and treats you as a valued customer — someone that they want to do work for and they appreciate the business and therefore they respect your property and they take good care of it while they’re doing their job, ” concludes Bill.

Pat & John R. of Lexington, NC

Just wanted to say thank you.  We had to replace the kitchen and bath floors down to the beam and I could then see the work Tar Heel had completed.  Just like you had said.  The posts were very large.  There were more than I expected.  And the beams…  No way will this house ever move on it’s own.  The kids and I took lots of pictures as the work was being done.   It is very comforting to know the house will not collapse.  Walking on an almost level floor and one that does not move is great.  My only regret is that we could not afford to have the rest of the house completed at this time. And for the delay of starting the repairs, due to all the doubts we had as to the cost and if the repairs would work.  I would really like to have the crawl space covered as shown in the book and videos but that too, will have to wait.   The people at Tar Heel were all professional and very nice, friendly to work with.  The crew that did the repairs knew what they were doing and explained what was being done when we asked questions.  The only delay was due to someone taking one of the posts and another one had to be ordered.   I will definitely recommend Tar Heel to anyone needing this type of work done.  If you are ever close, stop and see us. And again, Sam, thank you so very much for helping us find a solution for our house to become a home.   Sincerely, Pat Raines

Robert H. of Hudson, NC

When Robert H. first moved into his home in Hudson, NC the basement was a great space they used for storage and recreation. Over the years, however, the basement began to leak. The problem became so serious that at one point they lost everything that they had in the area. Mold in the basement was also a big concern. That is when he started to look into a way to fix the basement, and when a competitor mentioned Tar Heel Basement Systems he decided to give us a call. In this video, Robert talks about the experience he had with Tar Heel Basement Systems, and the results. His basement is now dry and thanks to a powerful dehumidifier, Robert and his family no longer need to worry about mold. “It makes my family more safe to be in the house, knowing that we’re not gonna have mold down there.”, says Robert.

Dotty F. of Mt. Airy, NC

The office staff was pleasant, professional, friendly, and did a great job from beginning to end. They were excellent with follow-up calls, emails, and snail mail. The salesman, Will Blake, knows his stuff and presents it thoroughly in a friendly, easy-going manner, patiently answering questions and addressing concerns. The service team, Scott, Robbie and Roy, were competent, friendly, and helpful. This job was surely a challenge, with all the piers to be wrapped in such a limited space. The crew did a super job, working well together. Nice guys, good sense of humor, helpful attitudes. Give those guys a raise!

Annette M. of Mt. Airy, NC

The installation crew were great guys to do the work. Very effiecient! I was amazed that there was no dust in the house upstairs. The only thing we need now is rain. Never thought I would hope for that after all the water that was coming in our basement. Thank you!

Lynn G. of Mount Airy, NC

You all did a great job, I am very satisfied! The office staff was really helpful; they never put me on hold, I always talked with someone when I called. The salesman was very good, I felt very confident with him. The installation crew was great; they worked very fast and explained everything to me. When I got home from work they had everything in order and ready to go. I was very impressed! I chose your company because of the way you all took time explaining everything to me. You also love dogs!

Ann G. of Mount Airy, NC

I chose Tar Heel Basement Systems over other companies because of the explanation and illustrations of the repair that needed to be done and how it would work. It also made more sense to me than other suggestions I had received to fix my problem. Also knowing that I got an extended service agreement let me know they were very confident and knowledgeable about what they were doing.

Margaret B. of Mount Airy, NC

I looked in the Yellowpages of the phone book. I felt your salesman was very honest and you have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau.  I have been thoroughly satisfied with all aspects of your company. I did not compare your prices with any other companies after I received your quote. I trusted that your price was reasonable. I felt your company provided good quality work at a reasonable price. I placed my trust in you that this was the case.

Angela E. of Pilot Mountain, NC

I am very satisfied.  The crew was great and professional.  The office staff was excellent. Will Blake was great and helped me make an informed decision. The reasons I chose this company over another was full disclosure by Will.  I felt I knew what I was getting and there were no surprises. Loved your guys.  Very pleased with my basement.  I’ve been passing your name around.  First class company!