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From Flooding to Dry and Finished Basement in Lansing, NC | Customer Testimonial

From Flooding to Dry and Finished Basement in Lansing, NC | Customer Testimonial

This church in Lansing had terrible basement flooding problems. During heavy rains they would get up to 18 inches of water in the basement, and when the water was finally gone, they had to deal with the aftermath: musty smells and mold problems. Ed S., decided that it was time to fix it once and for all.

After seeing Tar Heel Basement System billboard advertising, they made the call that would forever change the way the congregation had been using the basement. Ed was really impressed with the inspection and the thorough explanation provided by the system design specialist. He knew then and there that he had called the right company from the Job.

At first, they only wanted the water problem solved, which was accomplished when Tar Heel installed a BasementGutter interior drainage system, and a good sump pump system. “We’ve had all the rain and snow this winter and we haven’t had one problem yet!”

Seeing the great results after the waterproofing system was installed, they decided to call Tar Heel again, this time to finish the walls and floor of the basement, transforming a previously unused area of the building, into useful rooms for the congregation — including carpeted rooms for the children.”We’re just pleased. Very pleased. The whole church is pleased!” explains Ed. He’s been recommending Tar Heel to others in the community ever since. “I don’t think you’d do nobody wrong! Everything has just been wonderful!”

Fixing a Problematic Crawl Space in Greensboro, NC | Customer Testimonial

Fixing a Problematic Crawl Space in Greensboro, NC | Customer Testimonial


Michael T.’s home in Greensboro had an unusual type of crawl space with walls that were merely carved in the dirt. There was absolutely nothing to retain and keep them from caving in. So, on top of all the problems that are common dirt, vented crawl spaces in North Carolina, such as high moisture levels, mold, dry rot and structural decay Michael also have to deal with water and mud coming in during heavy rains, and since the heating and cooling system was also housed in the crawl space, the constant fear that the walls would cave in and ruin his HVAC system.

Michael had several types of contractors come and take a look at the problem – from specialty foundation contractors to general contractors. Everyone had a different opinion and suggestion, but Michael wasn’t impressed with any of them. He kept looking.

While researching over the Internet, he found Tar Heel Basement Systems and scheduled an estimate. Will, the sales director came to his aid. From the star, Michael felt that he had finally found a company that knew what they were doing. The inspection was very thorough, a number of measurements were taken, and diagnostic procedures were performed. Will then sat with his laptop, and using a state-of-the-art software calculated exactly what was needed to permanently and effectively solve all the problems in that crawl space. Michael was very confident when he finally hired Tar Heel, that they would deliver the results they promised.

He was also very impressed with the professionalism, punctuality and cleanliness of Tar Heel’s courteous and knowledgeable crew of trained and certified installers – and even happier with the products.

The crawlspace in Michael’s home now is safe, clean, dry and healthy – and he knows he will never again have to worry about what is going on there, rain or shine.

If you have any sort of crawl space, basement or foundation problems, don’t waste your time looking around. Go straight to the pros at Tar Heel Basement Systems. North Carolina’s experts in “All Things Basements!”

Solutions for All Types of Foundation Problems in NC

Solutions for All Types of Foundation Problems in NC

Do you have cracking or bowing basement walls? Is your basement floor cracking? Are your doors and windows hard to open and close? These might all be signs of foundation structural problems.

Avoiding the problem is not the solution. As a matter of fact avoiding the issue will only result in bigger problems that are more expensive to solve.

Tar Heel Basement Systems offer patented basement waterproofing and foundation repair solutions come with a Lifetime Warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that your foundation is fixed for good.

Tar Heel Basement Systems proudly serves Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point, Lexington and nearby towns.

Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation in North Carolina

Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation in North Carolina

At Pete and Will’s Tar Heel Basement systems we have the solutions you need for your dirty, leaky crawl space.

This cold, nasty area underneath your home is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, which affects the entire health of your home.

Whether your crawl space has structural issues, rotting or sagging floor joists, or moldy, musty smells, we have the solution for you.

Pete and Will’s Tar Heel Basement systems we can make your home healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient with products that are patented and designed specifically for your crawl space environment.

Pete and Will’s Tar Heel Basement systems proudly serve the High Country. Winston-Salem, High Point, Lexington, Greensboro, Burlington and many other parts of North Carolina and Southwest Virginia.

If you’d like a free, no-obligation estimate for your crawl space repair, Tar Heel Basement Systems are the contractors for you. Call or visit our website today to schedule your free inspection.

Kathi Discusses the Crawl Space Work Performed at the Ronald McDonald House

Kathi Discusses the Crawl Space Work Performed at the Ronald McDonald House

Tar Heel Basement Systems’ employees volunteer to cook a meal at the Ronald McDonald House of Winston Salem (RMH) each month. Pete met with Kathi, Director of House Operations, on the very first trip to the RMH and told her to call us if they ever needed our services. Sure enough, the Ronald McDonald House had issues in their crawl space and needed our help.

Tar Heel Basement Systems (THBS) performed a complete crawl space encapsulation at the Ronald McDonald House. This includes a perimeter drainage system, delta drainage matting, sump pump, Tar Heel dehumidifier, vent covers and CrawlSeal vapor barrier sealed to the walls. In addition to the listed items, Kathi decided it was important to ensure the crawl space remains dry ALL the time, which is why Tar Heel Basement Systems installed a SafeDri triple sump pump with a battery back up system. It is the most reliable sump pump in the industry! Another concern was the uncomfortable room temperature of the offices above the crawl space, so Tar Heel Basement Systems Foreman, Steve LaGray, installed X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation panels throughout the crawl space. Lastly, THBS installed (2) IntelliJack crawl space supports to arrest some Joist deflection in the floor system.

Kathi describes the condition of the crawl space before the repair as being “dirty, damp, cold and it affected not only the crawl space area but the office area above it.” She was very impressed with the company and the work performed at the House. She testifies that “now it is white, it is clean, it feels much different temperature-wise and air quality-wise down there and in the office area above it.”

The Ronald McDonald House of Winston-Salem provides a “home away from home” for families of children who are receiving medical care in area hospitals. The House and Family Room programs offer physical comforts, emotional support, education, and referral services designed to promote the well-being of the whole family. You can learn more visiting

Showcase Carolina: Home & Garden Edition with Tar Heel Basement Systems

Showcase Carolina: Home & Garden Edition with Tar Heel Basement Systems

Tar Heel Basement Systems was one of four local companies to be highlighted on ‘Showcase Carolina: Home and Garden Edition’. This show airs on the CW Triad20 Saturdays at 7pm & Sundays at 5pm throughout the month of June.

Be sure to tune in as Pete and Will discuss basement, crawlspace, radon and foundation issues that may be present in your home, along with solutions for each of them.

Problem Crawl Spaces in NC: What is under your home?

Problem Crawl Spaces in NC: What is under your home?

In North Carolina, many homes are built over a dirt-floored and vented crawl space. That type of foundation is extremely prone to moisture and mold issues.

The relative humidity is a typical crawl space often reaches levels above 60% making it a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.
The warm, humid environment can also invite rodents, termites, dust mites, and become a refuge for strays and wildlife.

Left untreated, a filthy crawl space will have a negative impact on your home’s value, its structural integrity. indoor air quality and energy bills.

Tar Heel offers a full line of patented products specifically designed to solve all types of problems in crawl spaces. From mold, musty smells and humidity, to dry rot and sagging floor joists.

We help you make your crawl space cleaner, and your entire home healthier and more energy efficient.

About Us

About Us

Meet Pete Burgess, owner of Tar Heel Basement Systems.
In this video Pete tells the story of how he and his wife started the business 14 years ago in Boone.

After reading an article about crawl spaces in Fine Home Building, he was so impressed with the efficacy of the solutions proposed in the article that he decided to become the regions’ pioneer in crawl space technologies and to date, the exclusive CrawlSeal dealer in the Winston-Salem region.

Over the years the company branched out to offer also basement waterproofing, foundation structural repairs, and concrete leveling services.

Pete and his employees are committed to provide excellence in products, service and customer care, from the first visit through completion of the project, and in the many years to come during service and maintenance inspections.

They are today and award-winning enterprise, trusted by thousands of area homeowners and they are ready to help you too!

Contact us for a free estimate!

Basement, Crawl Space & Foundation Repair in NC: Tar Heel Basement Systems – About Us

Basement, Crawl Space & Foundation Repair in NC: Tar Heel Basement Systems - About Us

Meet Pete Burgess, owner of Tar Heel Basement Systems.

In this video Pete talks about his company, and the amazing journey that took his company from its humbles beginnings as a small, home based business to one of North Carolina’s most trusted provider of crawl space, basement and foundation waterproofing and repair services.

Pete moved from Chicago to North Carolina at the age of 50 to retire and relax. A few months later, “bored out of his mind” according to him, Pete decided to start working again and was hired by a local builder, from whom he learned much of his trade. One day he read an article in Fine Home Building Magazine about crawl space encapsulation and thought the approach of sealing a crawl space to protect it from mold, moisture and decay, made complete sense. He then had the crawl space of his own home encapsulated, and he liked the results so much that he decided to go into business, selling and advocating the practice throughout the state.

The business boomed and today Tar Heel Basement Systems is a large, successful operation, that is constantly growing and hiring and has since then branched out to provide basement waterproofing, foundation structural repair, and more recently, concrete lifiting and leveling with PolyRenewal™.

A new home and a dry basement in Winston-Salem, NC | Customer Testimonial

A new home and a dry basement in Winston-Salem, NC | Customer Testimonial


Becky D. first learned about Tar Heel Basement Systems through her Real Estate Agent, while she was still in the process of buying her new Winston-Salem, NC home. Becky was really glad she called Tar Heel and very impressed with the entire experience she had with the company. The System Design specialist that came to her home was very thorough. “He was not in any way pushy. Instead he was very comprehensive, very knowledgeable. He spent two hours walking around the house, crawling in the crawl space, and he didn’t try to sell me anything! He just said: ‘This is what I have found, this is what we have, this is what it will do for you. I think it will be a good fit, but this is your choice,'” says Becky.

After the waterproofing system was installed, he suggested a dehumidifier and explained that a store bought, generic dehumidifier will require a lot of maintenance, consume a lot of energy and not be very effective. After struggling for a while with a generic dehumidifier, Becky called Tar Hell again to have a Tar Heel Dehumidifier installed.

She’s been very happy with the results ever since and very happy with the way Tar Heel Basement Systems handled the entire process. “They have my deepest appreciation,” she concludes.

Peace of Mind and a Dry Crawl Space for a New Homeowner in Mocksville, NC | Customer Testimonial

Peace of Mind and a Dry Crawl Space for a New Homeowner in Mocksville, NC | Customer Testimonial


Michelle is a young homeowner who has just bought her first home in Mocksville when she noticed that her dirt-floored basement was causing a lot of problems throughout the house.

Water was pooling on the floor and the relative humidity levels in the basement were so high that the floors Joists and the floor above it were beginning to sag. Mold had also caused some of the Joists to rot.

Michele researched over the internet and was so impressed by the Tar Heel Basement Systems website, that she didn’t think about calling anyone else. She couldn’t be happier about her choice, because her entire experience with the company was extremely positive. From the inspection all through installation and completion, the company provided outstanding service.

Tar Heel Basement Systems installed drainage and a sump pump system to keep water from pooling on the floor, encapsulated and insulated the space to isolate it from the dirt floor and outside moisture, then installed a dehumidifier to control humidity. The rotten floor Joists were replaced and the sagging structure was stabilized and lifted with crawl space jacks. The floor is now back to level.

“I couldn’t be more impressed that one company could take care of all of my problems. The work done by Tar Heel Basement Systems took care of three problems in my home inspection list, in one go.” says Michelle.

Fixing a Tilted Chimney in NC | Customer Testimonial

Fixing a Tilted Chimney in NC | Customer Testimonial


Bonnie S. from Winston Salem noticed that the gap between the wood floor and the stone hearth of her fireplace was about two inches wide. She sealed the gap to prevent heat loss but was extremely worried when the seal came completely apart, indicating serious foundation movement.

She then began to shop for a solution and as a savvy homeowner; she called three different companies to see what they had to offer and to obtain quotes for the repair work necessary.

Tar Heel Basement Systems was among these companies, and Will Blake, one of the owners personally inspected her home. He thoroughly examined the situation and aided by pictures and a presentation, explained to Bonnie exactly what the problem was and the options to fix it.

She was very pleased with the knowledgeable, professional and courteous treatment she received which allowed her to make an informed decision. After the consultation visit, Bonnie chose Tar Heel Basement Systems to repair her home’s foundation. According to her, they had solutions no one else offered that made sense to her. They also gave her the best price.

She was even more impressed when the production crew came to perform the actual work. Not only did they effectively lift and restore the chimney to its original position by the closing the gap between the floor and the hearth; they took every necessary step to do the repair work without disturbing the yard and her home. According to Bonnie, right after completion, you wouldn’t know that her home just went through a major foundation repair procedure.

“This is by far the best home improvement experience I ever had with any company” — she says. “I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing help with a foundation issue, a chimney issue, a water issue, a leak. I would most highly recommend Tar Heel Basement Systems above anyone else.”

Battery-operated Backup Sump Pump to Keep Basement Dry During Power Outage | Customer Testimonial

Battery-operated Backup Sump Pump to Keep Basement Dry During Power Outage | Customer Testimonial

Scott H. from Boone already had a positive experience with Tar Heel Basement Systems. Several months ago, they had installed a full perimeter drainage system and a powerful SafeDri super sump pump system in his basement to keep it from flooding.

This system worked as promised, keeping his basement dry, but this savvy homeowner had a thought. He considered heavy storms, during which he heard his sump pump turn on way too often, and wondered what would happen to his basement if the power went out.

He quickly came to the conclusion that he needed a second layer of protection in case of a power outage, so he called Tar Heel again. Herman, one of our experienced system design specialists, suggested the SafeDri Battery Backup System. The SafeDri is a battery operated sump pump like no other in the industry. Unlike store bought backup pumps that run on Marine batteries, the SafeDri runs on a long-lasting battery, specifically designed to withstand long periods of being unused so that you can trust it will work when you need it.

Like many other satisfied Tar Heel Basement Systems customers, Scott now enJoys the peace of mind of knowing that his basement will stay dry even if the power goes out, no matter how heavy the rain.

TarHeel Basement Systems Fixes the Wet Basement of Church in Winston-Salem | Customer Testimonial

TarHeel Basement Systems Fixes the Wet Basement of Church in Winston-Salem | Customer Testimonial

Eight months ago, Gary C., caretaker for the Christ Wesleyan Church in Winston-Salem, NC called Tar Heel Basement Systems for help with the church’s wet basement. After inspecting the problem, the company recommended and installed a BasementGutter perimeter drainage system and sump pump system.

In this video, Gary speaks of his experience with Tar Heel and about his basement that has remained dry since the work was performed.

Tar Heel Basement Systems specializes in providing effective and permanent residential and commercial basement waterproofing in Winston-Salem and nearby towns in NC. We offer the best products in the industry — and world class top notch customer service! Call us for a free, in-home estimate!

Restoring a damaged foundation in Lexington, NC | Customer Testimonial

Restoring a damaged foundation in Lexington, NC | Customer Testimonial


John R. of Lexington found that his home’s foundation was so badly damaged that the whole house was practically standing on a single column. The home was so structurally unsafe that John was afraid of crawling under the house to assess the situation, and general contractors he called to help him refused to touch it.

After making numerous calls, only one other company accepted the challenge, ut charged a hefty price for the solution, which was way over what John could afford. Desperate for help, he began researching for alternatives to save his home’s foundation and finally found Tar Heel Basement Systems, learning about all the unique, exclusive technologies offered by the company to permanently and affordably fix all types of structural problems, including the one in his home.

Upon inspection, the company decided to use helical piers to stabilize and lift the entire structure to its original position and then rebuild the foundation. Under the supervision of an on-site engineer, the helical piers were installed and John’s house now is 100% back on solid ground. John is very happy with the results, very impressed with the quality of the materials and with the technology employed, and is confident that his home foundation is now so well supported and so safe, he will never again have to worry about it.

Radon Mitigation & Basement Waterproofing in NC

Radon Mitigation & Basement Waterproofing in NC

When Jim G. first called Tar Heel Basement Systems, he was mainly concerned about the high radon levels that he had just found out were present in his home. After researching companies, he felt that Tar Heel was a company he could trust to solve the radon problem. Since he had to clear his basement to get the radon mitigation system installed, Jim decided to ask Tar Heel Basement Systems what other options they had to waterproof it as well. He met with Garret, the design specialist, a couple of times, looked at many options and finally came up with a solution that would fit his needs. “I was pretty pleased with his knowledge of the products that Tar Heel had; the solutions they provided. Garret was very pleasant to work with.”

Jim was also very impressed with the crews that came to install each phase of the job. They were all on time, cleaned up after themselves at the end of each day, and at the end of the job they cleaned up so well it was as if they were never there.

Jim is so happy with the entire experience, that he already referred Tar Heel Basement Systems to a couple of friends looking to have similar work done at their homes, and just recently to a friend who was very impressed with the Basement-to-Beautiful insulated wall panels installed in Jim’s basement.

Fixing efflorescence-stained, bowing walls in NC | Customer Testimonial

Fixing efflorescence-stained, bowing walls in NC | Customer Testimonial

The basement in Mark M.’s Burlington home had more problems than the typical wet basement. On top of the efflorescence stains – a clear sign of water seepage and poor foundation drainage – the walls of the basement were beginning to bow due to the enormous pressure exerted on them by the movement of the soil around the foundation -which would expand when over-saturated with water. 

Mark feared that these walls would eventually cave in, compromising his home’s structural integrity. After researching solutions and having a few area contractors inspect the property, he felt that Tar Heel Basement Systems was the only company proposing a solution that made sense for his home. During the inspection process, he asked many questions and the system design specialist was able to answer each one of them, in a way that made Mark feel confident hiring Tar Heel for the project. 

While very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of our system design specialist, he was even more impressed with the crew that performed the actual installation. Not only were they clean, professional and courteous, they were also all extremely knowledgeable. 

“The thing that amazed me the most was (…) if you just stood there and watched them – and I did – I couldn’t figure out for a long time which one of these people was responsible and in charge of this operation because they just worked as a team!” — explains Mark.
He is very happy with the results. He will never have to worry about basement leaks, and the walls are stable again. “I was more impressed with the character of the people, of the installers, and their knowledge and their work ethics. It was amazing, absolutely amazing!”

The healthy crawl space is an asset to her property in NC | Customer Testimonial

The healthy crawl space is an asset to her property in NC | Customer Testimonial


Mary F. from Summerfield first heard of Tar Heel Basement Systems while searching the internet for solutions to fix the floor above her crawl space. The brick pillars holding the beams that support the floor structure had settled considerably overtime, causing the floor to sag.

Mary was impressed with Tar Heel Basement Systems website, which unlike the websites from other local companies, contained a comprehensive amount of information concerning crawl space problems and solutions. That was enough to make her feel confident about calling the company for an estimate. 

The system design specialist that came to inspect her home was very knowledgeable and able to answer all her questions. Upon inspection he found out that not only the floors were sagging but mold was present, and the crawl space had been harboring local wildlife including rodents and snakes. 

He custom designed a solution that would restore the structural integrity of the crawl space, keep moisture under control and wild life out of her crawl space. The complete system when installed would make it more energy efficient through better insulation, get rid of all the mold and prevent it from ever coming back. 

The crew that performed the installation was very professional, very respectful and thoroughly cleaned up after themselves. She is very happy with her now clean and mold-free crawl space that will not only allow her to leave more comfortably in her home, but it is a great asset to her home when it comes the time to sell, because with the Lifetime Transferable Warranty provided by Tar Heel, the new homeowner won’t need to worry about the crawl space.

Crawl Space and Foundation Repair in Lexington, NC

Crawl Space and Foundation Repair in Lexington, NC


Bill B.’ s home Lexington had a few foundation related problems that he knew should be taken care of sooner than later. His dirt-floored crawl space was treated the conventional way: open vents and a thin poly sheet lining the floor to act as a vapor barrier. And just like every crawl space treated in that fashion, it had all the typical problems found in NC crawl spaces: high humidity, mold, smells and — to make matters worse — the moisture had weakened the floor Joists and the floor above the crawl was sagging.
There were also signs of foundation settlement. He needed to get professional help right away.

“I did what any red blooded American would do these days: I went on the Internet and started looking.Just making sure that the Job was done properly and done in a very professional manner was our major concern.”
That is how he found Tar Heel Basement Systems. H was very impressed by our system design specialist who performed a very detailed inspection and gave them a very thorough explanation of what the problems were, and what were the available solutions.

The crawl space was sealed, insulated and conditioned to get rid of the moisture. An energy efficient crawl space dehumidifier monitors and controls relative humidity year-round. The sagging Joists are now stabilized and supported by IntelliJacks™. The foundation settlement problem was corrected with foundation piers: steel piles that are driven into the soil until they reach bedrock or a load bearing strata and then used to stabilize the foundation, and is most cases, lift it back into its original position.

“I would describe your company as a professional company that knows what it is doing, comes in, gets the Job done, does what it says it is gonna do, and goes beyond and treats you as a valued customer — someone that they want to do work for and they appreciate the business and therefore they respect your property and they take good care of it while they’re doing their Job,” concludes Bill.

Solutions for a Flooding Basement in Winston-Salem, NC | Customer Testimonial

Solutions for a Flooding Basement in Winston-Salem, NC | Customer Testimonial

According to Ronald V. the basement in his Winston-Salem home was flooding so bad, that after a heavy rain he could go down the stairs and take a bath.

He knew he needed to have the basement fixed, but having had some terrible experiences with contractors in the past. he just didn’t know who to trust. He called Tar Heel Basement Systems to schedule a free estimate. Just before the scheduled appointment, when he received our material in the mail containing not only information about our company, products and services but also about the system design specialist that was coming to his home, he knew he had chosen the right company for the job.

He was very impressed with the inspection, which was very thorough, and the way he was with presented the available solutions for the problems. He was very comfortable with the solutions he chose and knew exactly to expect after that visit.

The crew came on time, worked quickly and left nothing behind but a clean, dry basement, that’s been put to test few times after the job was done, and remains dry as a bone.

Flooding basement in Jonesville, NC gets help from Tar Heel Basement Systems

Betty C. basement in Jonesville, NC had a chronic flooding problem. Every rain storm caused the water to leak in and rise up to her ankles. After struggling with flooding and messy cleanups for a number of years she decided to call Tar Heel Basement Systems for help.

By the time the systems design specialist was done inspecting her property and designing a custom solution for the basement problem, she knew she did not need to call anybody else.

The crew came in when they were supposed to, installed a full perimeter drainage system and two sump pumps. The Job was finished on schedule and Betty hasn’t had a drop of water in her basement since.

“I really give this company five stars, because it is really a great group of people, and I am very happy with the work that they’ve done,” concludes Betty.

Raising a sinking porch and sealing a crawl space in Yadkinville, NC | Customer Testimonial

Raising a sinking porch and sealing a crawl space in Yadkinville, NC | Customer Testimonial

Fred & Linda N.’s home in Yadkinville had two different problems:
The porch was sinking into the ground — up to 3 inches in one side — and the vented, dirt-floored crawl space had all the typical problems of the typical unconditioned North Carolina crawl space: it was damp and moldy. Tar Heel Basement Systems was the company they chose to help solve both problems.

The sinking porch was brought back to level using the PolyRenewal system, a structural-grade polymer injected under the slab through a dime-size hole.
The crawl space was encapsulated using the CrawlSeal system, and a potent dehumidifier.

Fred and Linda are very happy with the results and with the overall experience. “Everyone was very polite, very professional. We feel that the results we ended up with were great so we’re very pleased. We’d definitely recommend Tar Heel Basement Systems to other people….”

Crawl Space Cleanup and Encapsulation in Snow Camp, NC | Customer Testimonial

David R.’s home in Snow Camp. NC had the typical vented, dirt-floored crawl space with all the problems commonly found in these types of structures in North Carolina. It was dirty, mold, with signs of structural decay and a moldy, damp insulation falling from between the floor Joists. David knew he needed a good company to fix the problem and as a savvy homeowner he thoroughly checked several area companies before choosing Tar Heel Basement Systems.

“What they took out from under the house really blew my mind,” says Ron. When he saw all the dirty debris, he told his wife “I wasted six, seven hundred dollars paying other people to go under the house and clean it out, and look at what is coming out of it now.”

After cleaning up the mess, Tar Heel installed the CrawlSeal crawl space encapsulation system, and an energy-efficient dehumidifier that is virtually maintenance free, and once set will automatically monitor and control humidity to keep the area dry and mold free.

“It was really nice. They got finished when they told me they would, cleaned everything up, didn’t have a problem with them at all. Tar Heel did a great Job!” concludes David.