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Sam Summerlin

Sam Summerlin

Hey, I’m Sam!

I have a strong background in the home improvement industry. My introduction to the field came when I worked with a commercial concrete company, specializing in foundation, slab, and road construction for two years. I have since worked as a Project Engineer for a general contractor, renovating homes as well as building them from the ground up. In this role, I was responsible for managing crews and running several jobs, ensuring that everything ran smoothly and every customer’s needs were met.

I had training in CAD programs that focused on building layouts and design, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois. I look forward to putting my extensive and wide-ranging knowledge to good use, helping you to alleviate the concerns you have in your home.

I enjoy meeting with homeowners and helping them solve their basement, crawlspace, and foundation problems, enabling them to get more out of their homes. In my free time, I love exploring the High Country on my motorcycle and adventuring in the woods, hiking, fishing and hunting.

Christian Williams

Hi, I’m Christian!


I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Winston-Salem, NC where I still reside today. Before joining the Tar Heel Basement Systems team I worked in a variety of positions such as a cashier at Speedway, a recruiter at Axcess Staffing, and a team member at Bojangles. Though I’m grateful for the customer service experience I gained in retail and the help I got to provide working as a recruiter, I felt like it was time for a change of pace and heard great things about working for Tar Heel through a friend.


When I’m not working to ensure a healthier home for customers, I enjoy playing basketball, reading, and, best of all, spending lots of time with my family (I have 3 siblings) and friends. I also love taking my dog, Ali for walks.


I look forward to being a “hero in your home!”

Seth Brown

Seth Brown

Hi, I’m Seth!


Before joining the Tar Heel team, I gained an extensive background in customer service, working in inside sales and working with a number of independent clients as a personal trainer. I graduated from UNC Greensboro with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance as well as a degree in Economics. I found that Tar Heel was a great career fit for me because my dedication to living a healthy lifestyle carries over perfectly into my commitment to helping homeowners have a healthier home. I was most drawn to the opportunity to grow to my full potential here.


When I’m not diagnosing your home’s concerns, my girlfriend of over 5 years and I love body-building and competing on an amateur level with aspirations of becoming professional athletes. We don’t have any children but we love our dogs. In my free time, I also enjoy doing anything outdoors, travelling when able, cooking, golfing, and, of course, being in the gym.


I look forward to meeting you and finding the best solution to protect your greatest asset: your home!

Dale Howell

Dale Howell

Hi, my name is Dale!


I live in the the wonderful town of Advance, NC with my beautiful wife and kids. I joined the Tar Heel Basement Systems family hoping to gain some knowledge and valuable tools. Since working here I have learned and grown increasingly in my role and have been told I am a great asset to my team.


When I’m not working towards improving the life of your home I love spending time with my wonderful family. I also enjoying reading and practicing boxing, mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


I look forward to being the “hero in your home!”

Stephen Farmer

Hi, I’m Stephen!


I worked in the construction and maintenance industry for nearly 15 years prior to joining the Tar Heel team. I also have a Bachelor’s degree from the Metropolitan University of Denver. What attracted me most to Tar Heel was the very evident positive culture that this company exudes as well as the amazing family feel from every person that works here. I am committed to providing a WOW experience that Tar Heel is known for along with a permanent solution to all of your waterproofing and foundation needs.


I live in Huntersville, NC with my wife Danielle and our son Wyatt. In my free time, I love to watch and play most sports and enjoy going to classic car shows. Being outdoors and playing with my son are my weekend favorites!


I look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve a healthier home!

Daquan Spease

Hi, I’m Daquan!


I was born and raised in beautiful Winston-Salem, NC. Prior to joining the Tar Heel Basement Systems team I worked in heating and air conditioning for some time. I came to Tar Heel, on the recommendation from a friend, looking for something new and hoping to build a new career for myself and found myself most attracted to the company because of its excellent commitment to quality and great service. I also love just how well our company treats its employees.


When I’m not working towards creating a safer environment for homeowners I love spending time with my family. My father is a truck driver, my mother is a nurse and my brother is a marine. I am also both athletic and musically-inclined and enjoy playing sports as well as the drums.


I look forward to being the “hero in your home!”

Tim Martin

Hi, I’m Tim!


Before joining the team, I provided exceptional customer service as a self-employed business owner for over 15 years. Most recently, I owned a duct and vent cleaning business in an effort to help my customers achieve better air quality in their homes. I joined the Tar Heel family because I wanted to work for a quality company that is as committed to improving the lives of its customers as I am.


When I’m not working towards finding solutions to your waterproofing and foundation problems, I love spending time with my beautiful wife and our 2 daughters. In addition, I enjoy movies, travelling, and fishing. I am an Air Force veteran and I love WWII History.


I look forward to meeting you and finding the best solution to protect your greatest asset: your home!

Tyler Keryluk

Tyler Keryluk

Hi, I’m Tyler!


Prior to joining this team, I worked in real estate for over 15 years as a licensed broker, a licensed appraiser and a home renovator. I also worked for a time as an advertising director and designer for Hot Rod magazine. Being in real estate for so long, I have seen every kind of issue that a homeowner can imagine and my main goal now is to help others prevent and permanently solve those very problems.


When I’m not helping you achieve a healthier home, my wife of 15 years and I love spending time with our son at his soccer games. I also enjoy everything outdoors, such as hiking, camping, traveling, and exploring. I have traveled to Central America on several occasions and I love other cultures and meeting the locals.


I look forward to meeting you and find the best solution to protect your greatest asset: your home!

Zach Poston

Hi, I’m Zach!


Before joining the team, I worked in a wide variety of positions that have given me a strong foundation for the good work I now get to do with Tar Heel Basement Systems. Some of my previous work includes landscaping, planning and purchasing, workforce managing, and my favorite, customer service. I was drawn to Tar Heel because I recognized the rapid growth of the company and looked forward to the opportunity to determine my own success. I love working for this company and especially love working alongside so many supportive and wonderful people.


When I’m not working towards finding solutions to your waterproofing and foundation problems, I love spending time with my beautiful girlfriend and 2 kids, Reid and Lawson. I also enjoy traveling and watching sports, including the ones that I go to for my sons who play soccer and swim.


I look forward to meeting you and finding the best solution to protect your greatest asset: your home!

De’Vonta Scott

Devonta Scott

Hey, I’m De’Vonta.

I have a multitude of experience in construction, and have done everything from fencing to roofing and anything in between. I’ve also worked in many warehouses and understand the impact of running like a well-oiled machine. I am able to use my unique skill set to protect our customers’ houses, and improve the lives of the families that call these houses “home.” I joined Tar Heel because I wanted to make a career for myself in an industry that made a difference.

I come from a big family and am lucky to have several siblings. I share my home with my cat, Soccs. I enjoy hiking, and running in half and full marathons whenever I have the chance.

Dillon Yancey

Hi there, I’m Dillon!

Not unlike a lot of folks, I spent most of my life working in the food industry. While I appreciate the customer service skills that restaurants taught me, I wanted to build a career in a field where I could have a lasting impact on my community. When I moved to North Carolina, I found Tar Heel Basement Systems and have since been grateful that I did. I get to work with customers every day, and it is fulfilling to know that the work I do has the power to change their lives for the better.

Originally from Myrtle Beach, I moved to North Carolina to find new opportunities. In my spare time, I like to play guitar or any other instrument I can get my hands on!

Doug Weisner

Hi, I’m Doug!
Originally from Hampton , V.A., I currently live in Goldsboro, N.C. After years of work in customer service in restaurant management I have found that I love working with people and coming up with creative solutions to their problems. I found myself drawn to Tar Heel after hearing from a fellow employee about the incredible culture, appreciation and recognition that the company radiates.
In my spare time , you can find me at any community event, function for the youth or any sporting event! I have a close relationship with my father, Donald, and my sister, Sabrina. I have 2 daughters, Courtney and Kinley and a western terrior pitbull named Major!
I look forward to being the “hero in your home!”