Negative Effects of Having a Dirt Crawl Space

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 by Jaimie Hooker

Protect your home’s investment by learning the negative effects of having a home built on top of a dirt crawl space. Negative Effects of Having a Dirt Crawl Space

-High humidity and condensation build up.

-Mold growth and wood rot.

-A welcoming area to insects and unwanted pests.

-Cold floors and higher heating bills.

-“Musty” odors and drafts upstairs.

-Unhealthy and uncomfortable living spaces.

How does humidity get into your crawl space? Moisture creeps in from the ground and sides of your home (foundation vents). The moisture can cause great damage to your foundation, floor system, furnishings and put your household at risk of bacteria and mold growth.

The solution is to uncouple the negative effects of the earth on your house by isolating your home from the exposed ground through crawl space encapsulation. Once your crawl space is sealed using a heavy-duty liner or vapor barrier, moisture infiltration from outside your home and ground will be reduced substantially. However, humidity created inside of your home from piping and other household activities is trapped and needs to be purified for full protection, or it will accumulate over time. To complete the crawl space encapsulation, a commercial-grade self-draining dehumidifier will be needed.



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