Tar Heel Basement Systems Gives Weekly Presentations

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

One of the most difficult things about being a homeowner is finding a contractor in the home improvement industry that you can trust! Time after time you hear horror stories about a contractor that either skipped town with the money before completing the job or simply didn’t do work up to the customer’s expectations. Well, Tar Heel Basement Systems is making a firm effort to turn the tables on the unfortunate reputation of poor service and questionable integrity the home improvement industry has, fairly or unfairly, earned.

The owner, Pete Burgess, had taken it upon himself to make sure his company carries and maintains an exceptional reputation. One of his many efforts is to give weekly presentations to let people know who they are, what they are about, and why they can be trusted. Presentations are given to realtors, home inspectors, construction and home restoration companies, electricians, HVAC companies, etc. in hopes that these people will confidently pass our name along to a homeowner in need of our services.

the owner, Pete gives weekly presentations

These presentations are fun, informative and delicious. On most accounts, Tar Heel Basement Systems will provide a delicious spread for the attendees to enjoy while learning the company’s background, credentials, and services. This month alone, Pete has given presentations at two different real estate offices and has had a great response from all of the realtors.

These presentations are meant to instill trust and build a referral system between Tar Heel Basement Systems and other establishments that are associated with home service. In fact, Tar Heel Basement Systems has started a Pro Partner Program that is offered to companies and associates that they build a relationship with. It is meant to have benefits on both sides of the fence and ultimately give homeowners better customer service.

room for the weekly presentations

Tar Heel Basement Systems also offers monthly webinars to experts for Continued Education credits, hosted by Foundation Support Works. To learn more about scheduling a presentation, webinar, or becoming a Preferred Partner, please visit Tar Heel Basement Systems.