Pete, Will & Evan’s Tar Heel Basement Systems

Friday, January 25th, 2013

The office staff at Tar Heel Basement Systems received a breath of fresh air when a bundle of joy stopped by the office for a few days. Office Manager, Sydney Blake, gave birth to beautiful baby boy, Evan, last September and has not spent a day away from him until this week. She joined Owner, Pete Burgess, for a three-day training in Virginia and left the boys home with Dad.

The saying ‘while mom’s away, the boys will play” came to mind this week as we enjoyed Evan’s company. Dad and General Manager, Will Blake, brought the four-month old to the office while mom was out of town. Shortly after his arrival, Evan was dubbed “boss” and spent the days bouncing, eating, smiling, sitting and sleeping while the office staff took periodic breaks to admire the little monkey. Even the burly men in the production department couldn’t help but to swoon over the sprightly child as they walked through the office.

The Tar Heel Basement Systems family is happy to see the growth and development of the newest Tar Heel and hope he comes to visit again soon! To learn more about the Blake’s and the rest of the Tar Heel family, please visit us on Facebook or THBS.

a baby in the Tar Heel office          babies love tar heel            Will with Baby Even