Happy Birthday Will!!

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

It was a celebration at Pete & Will’s Tar Heel Basement Systems, as the office staff prepared a birthday surprisesurprising Will for Will Blake. Yesterday marked the 29th birthday of our general manager, and we made sure to pull out all the stops. Conveniently enough, Will and the rest of the management had a meeting planned out of the office for the majority of the day–an arrangement that gave us plenty of time to plan our surprise! We took over his office and decorated with red streamers draped from the ceiling, a banner hung across his wall, and of course, a hilarious (and mildly unflattering) photo of him to accompany it all. The highlight of our preparation was our attempt at a balloon net! We blew up a pack of 25 multicolored balloons and were determined to make them pop out when Will opened the door to his office. We tried about five different methods and felt like mad scientists as we hastily ripped trash bags apart and taped them back together in new combinations to create the best pocket for the balloons. It was a very hectic day as we raced against the clock to make sure all was back to normal by the time they got back. We made it with about ten minutes to spare, though it felt like an hour to us as we breathed in air heavy with anticipation.

Finally, they arrived. We watched every move Will made, our hearts stopping as he got closer and closer to his office. After the longest five minutes known to man, someone mentioned that they had left a note on Will’s desk for him. We all held our breath as he turned the knob. It worked! At first, only a few balloons drifted out, but when Will noticed what was happening he pushed through the barrier with force and was caught in a waterfall of balloons! We were so relieved that all of our planning had paid off.

happy birthday, willMostly, we were glad for the chance to celebrate Will and show him how much we appreciate all he does for us. We ended the day with high spirits and bellies full of cake, so I think we can consider it a huge success!

Happy Birthday, Will! We can’t wait to plan something even better next year. We have plenty of birthdays coming up soon, so be sure to stay tuned to hear the latest shenanigans of the Tar Heel Basement Systems team!

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