Can’t Rain on My Parade!

Monday, July 8th, 2013

The 2013 4th of July Parade made its way through Downtown Boone amidst the rain this past Thursday. Dozens of local volunteers participated in the parade despite the dreary, wet conditions and the residents of Boone lined the streets to cheer them on.Downtown Boone July 4th Parade

Tar Heel Basement Systems was one of the vehicles willing to face the rainfall, as Foreman, Josh Watson, drove the company truck and waved a flag proudly throughout the entire celebration. As you can image, Josh received quite a bit of attention while he rolled through the partially flooded streets of Boone, as Tar Heel Basement Systems specializes in waterproofing homes.

Many of the bystanders yelled out to Josh for assistance on their home, while customers of Tar Heel Basement Systems ran up to his window to give him a high five. They thanked him for keeping their basement dry during nearly 20 inches of rainfall!

The Independence Day Parade was a great success thanks to all of the brave participants. We are looking forward to see what next year has to offer!

If you happened to see our truck in the parade and would like for us to come out and offer a waterproofing solution for your home, please call us or visit our website. We offer free estimates and a dry home!

Tar Heel Basement System celebrates July 4th Team Tar Heel in the July 4th parade