Tar Heel Basement Systems Before & After Photos

Winston-Salem,NC- Basement Wall Repair

This partially finished basement was experiencing interior foundation cracks along with a bowing wall. The homeowner reached out to Tar Heel Basement Systems to stabilize the basement wall. We installed (10) Basement Wall Anchors to prevent further movement of the wall and to potentially straighten the wall over time.

Horizontal Basement Crack and Repair in Winston Salem, NC

This Winston Salem homeowner noticed a horizontal crack on the interior wall of the basement and called Tar Heel Basement Systems for a foundation repair. The crack was caused by hydrostatic pressure, which is when the soil surrounding the outside of the basement wall builds up water and puts pressure on the wall, bowing it and eventually cracking it. This type of foundation issue is known as basement wall failure, and the Tar Heel foundation crew was able to use Basement Wall Anchors, which are used to hold a wall in place and potentially straighten over time. The foundation team was able to slightly close the foundation crack and permanently stabilize the basement wall.

External Stair-Step Cracks Repaired with Helical Piers in Winston Salem, NC

This Winston Salem, NC homeowner called Tar Heel Basement Systems after spotting these stair-step cracks on the outside of the home. The home was experiencing foundation settlement caused by the compression of poorly compacted soil. The foundation crew was able to install Helical Piers that can be extended into the ground to find stable soil and lift the home back towards its original position. The end result was a smaller crack and a stabilized wall.

*After Picture #2 is from the same crack just further down the wall.

Pinnacle, NC Cracked Basement Wall Stabilized

The problem began three years ago as the outside soil around the home started to settle. The cracked basement wall became progressively worse as more pressure was placed along the wall from the exterior soils. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed 6 Basement Wall Anchors along the wall. Providing the basement with immediate stabilization and preventing further movement. 

Pinnacle, NC- Basement Wall Becomes Permanently Stabilized

With a goal to keep their basement dry at all times and prevent the horizontal crack from growing larger, the Pinnacle, NC homeowners needed a reliable company that could tackle both concerns. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the BasementGutter Interior Drainage System just above the home’s footing, relieving the wall of hydrostatic pressure. The team then installed IntelliBrace™ along the cracked basement wall providing immediate stabilization, giving the homeowners peace of mind while restoring their property value.

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