Case Studies: Morganton, NC – Slab Settlement Reveresed with PolyRenewal

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015


The slab driveway and sidewalk at this Morganton, NC mountain home had settled so severely, drainage problems were beginning to arise as the slab sank lower. The homeowner’s wanted to resolve the problems without causing major destruction to their property.



PolyRenewal specialist, Rick Brown, completed an inspection of the settled slab areas and designed a solution that would restore the slab driveway and sidewalk while meeting the homeowner’s wants of not causing major disruption to the area.

The PolyRenewal Team starting lifting the driveway slab first because it was the largest and most severe area. The team began by drilling small, penny-sized holes in the slab every few feet. The small holes allow for the high-density polyurethane foam to be injected under the slab for appropriate lift. The slab driveway was reconnected to the curb from which it has detached from. The sidewalk area was then lifted back to its original height using PolyRenewal.

After both of the sunken areas had been lifted to their appropriate height, the holes were grouted and sealed leaving the slab area looking clean and completely restored. The polyurethane foam lightweight and waterproofing making it the perfect permanent fix to settled slabs.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Tar Heel Basement Systems

System Design Specialist: Rick Brown

Products Installed: PolyRenewal