Case Studies: Dobson, NC – Cracked Basement Wall Stabilized

Friday, January 29th, 2016 By Jaimie Hooker


Two of the four basement walls in this Dobson, NC home were severely suffering from wall failure. Large, horizontal and stair-step cracks had formed along both of the walls throughout the years. When the large cracks had become noticeably larger, the homeowners called Tar Heel Basement Systems for a free evaluation.


After further investigating the root of the wall problem,  a solution that would not only stabilize the walls, but also straighten the walls over time was designed. Because the height of the basement wall was taller than most, the Wall Channel Anchors were the best solution for a permanent stabilization.

The foundation team began the installation by excavating a small portion of the front yard where stable soil was present. Steel earth anchors were then installed and secured along the excavated area while galvanized steel anchor rods were threaded into the soil reaching the failing basement wall. Once the anchor rods reached the failing basement wall, the zinc-plated Wall Anchor Channels were connected to the anchoring rod and tightened for immediate and accurate wall stabilization. The system is then securely fastened to the concrete floor. Once the Wall Anchor Channel System has been installed, the small excavated area was back filled and grass seed was spread.

The homeowners have a future goal to finish the basement; the Channels can be tightened allowing for complete straightening of the once failing wall. A perfect solution for an unfinished basement wanting to become finished.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Tar Heel Basement Systems

Products Installed: Eleven Channel Anchors


About the author
Jaimie Hooker is the Assistant Marketing Director at Tar Heel Basement Systems; authoring case studies, technical papers, creating and captioning photo albums and managing website content. She also oversees the organization of video testimonials, shows and events, Jaimie lives in the small town of Madison, NC with her husband, Paul, and 3 year old son, Franklin.