Case Studies: Danbury, NC- Bowing Wall Stabilized

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016 By Jaimie Hooker


10 years ago these Danbury, NC homeowners noticed a small horizontal crack running along one of their basement walls. Over the years, the barely noticeable crack had grown so large the wall began bowing and the problem had become impossible to ignore. Calling out their local contractor to find answers and a resolution, the homeowners were unfortunately left without a solution. However, their contractor gave them a phone number to call Tar Heel Basement Systems.


System Design Specialist, Jason Chapman, completed a thorough inspection of the failing basement wall. Noticing the horizontal crack formed in the middle of the cinder block wall and grew in length and width over time resulting in a bowing wall, Jason, designed a solution that would permanently stabilize the bowing wall and offer the opportunity to straighten the wall over time.

The Foundation Team at Tar Heel Basement Systems began the stabilization by installing (5) Basement Wall Anchors and (1) Carbon Fiber Reinforcement System.

Small holes were drilled in virgin soil along the exterior of the failing wall using an earth auger. Once the five holes were drilled, earth anchors held in place galvanized steel anchor rods that were driven into the soil towards the wall. As the anchor rods reached the bowing wall, each rod is secured using heavy-duty steel plates. The Basement Wall Anchor System is engineered to immediately stabilize a failing basement wall.

One area of the cracked basement wall that was not bowing, received the Carbon Fiber Reinforcement System. Due to the gas lines below the soil, Basement Wall Anchors were not a correct solution for this area of the wall. A two-part epoxy resin was painted along the wall and Carbon Fiber straps before the installation along the cracked wall. As the epoxy dries, the system will provide the ultimate support and adhesion for the wall.

Over time, during dry seasons, the homeowners will have the opportunity to allow Tar Heel Basement Systems to straighten the bowing wall using the Basement Wall Anchor System.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Tar Heel Basement Systems

System Design Specialist: Jason Chapman

Products Installed: (5) Basement Wall Anchors (1) Carbon Fiber System

About the author
Jaimie Hooker is the Assistant Marketing Director at Tar Heel Basement Systems; authoring case studies, technical papers, creating and captioning photo albums and managing website content. She also oversees the organization of video testimonials, shows and events, Jaimie lives in the small town of Madison, NC with her husband, Paul, and 3 year old son, Franklin.