Case Studies: Foundation Wall Permanently Stabilized in High Point, NC

Thursday, June 15th, 2017 By Jaimie Hooker


After experiencing a small earthquake in 2011, the High Point, NC homeowners noticed horizontal cracks forming along their basement wall. Caulking over the cracks seemed to help for a short period but didn’t stop the cracks from growing larger and the wall begining to bow. Noticing this was not just a cosmetic problem, but indeed a major foundation problem, the homeowners researched foundation companies to stabilize the wall. 


System Design Specialist, Ryan Arnett, evaluated the homeowners concerns. After a thorough engineering report, Ryan was able to provide the homeowners with a permanent solution to their growing foundation problem. Due to a historic tree being planted just along the exterior of the home, this project would be unique in accomplishing the homeowners’ goals while tending to their home’s structural needs. 

Installing the Basement Wall Anchor System was the best solution.  The process started by having the team augur 6 holes, twelve feet from the home’s foundation. The purpose of auguring so far from the home is to ensure stable soil is reached. As each whole is dug, a 3/4 inch anchor rod is driven through the basement wall until it reaches the hole. An earth anchor is placed onto the rod while a wall plate is placed on the opposite end. Once tightened, the Basement Wall Anchor System provides the wall with immediate stabilization without further adjustment. During dry periods, the anchors can be tightened to straighten the wall over time. 

The homeowners are confident their wall is now secure and look forward to having the wall straightened during their annual service appointment! 

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Tar Heel Basement Systems

System Design Specialist: Ryan Arnett

Products Installed: Six Basement Wall Anchors

About the author
Jaimie Hooker is the Assistant Marketing Director at Tar Heel Basement Systems; authoring case studies, technical papers, creating and captioning photo albums and managing website content. She also oversees the organization of video testimonials, shows and events, Jaimie lives in the small town of Madison, NC with her husband, Paul, and 3 year old son, Franklin.