ALS Emergency Treatment Fund: The Recipient of Tar Heel Basement Systems’ Ice Bucket Challenge Donations

In September, Tar Heel Basement Systems set out to raise money for ALS treatment and research, and they did just that. Over fifty ice buckets and $1413 later, THBS reached their goal and is thrilled to be donating the money to a cause that will use it to help those afflicted by the degenerative disease.

Winston-Salem, NC - October 31st, 2014

Tar Heel Basement Systems proudly announces that the $1412.91 owner Pete Burgess and THBS employees raised will be given to the ALS Emergency Treatment Fund to help those, currently in treatment for ALS, improve their quality of life and offer new opportunities for care. THBS’s week-long Ice Bucket Challenge resulted in a wave of support for the cause and brought every employee together to achieve a similar goal. After searching for an organization that will use the donation money wisely and ensures the patients see the benefits, the ALS-ETF proved to be the most focused on those currently battling the disease. ALS-ETF’s area of concern is too often overlooked by other big organizations so it seemed the perfect fit for the monetary donation.

Tar Heel Basement Systems helps out with ALS Emergency Treatment Fund

ALS Emergency Treatment Fund does not channel to third parties and does all of the work under one roof. The organization is made up of health professional volunteers dedicated to seeing patients thrive despite the many hurdles ALS may put in place. ALS-ETF focuses on the well-being of current patients and seeks to increase their chances of survival and improve their quality of life. The organization does this by being at the forefront of medical research, offering exploratory medications and financial aid to those who need it most. Their approach has been hailed by the FDA and has been used to model the internal workings of other disease communities looking for a way to lend a hand.

Tar Heel Basement Systems sought to make a difference and positively impact an organization helping those afflicted by ALS. ALS-ETF strongly focuses on individuals already struggling, offering them new treatment options, disease education, and research opportunities. Tar Heel Basement Systems is confident that the ALS Emergency Treatment Fund will continue to help ALS patients through generosity, knowledge, love, and commitment to the cause.