Basement Foundation Repair

Friday, June 8th, 2018 by Jessica McDaniel

Basement Foundation Repair

When a basement settles, the soil around and under the foundation becomes loose. Ultimately, the weak foundation cannot support the weight of the home and creates problems which are present throughout the home but begin in the basement. Basement foundation repair solutions often begin with signs such as cracking drywall, flooding, mold growth, and musty basement odors.

If your home is showing any of the signs below, call a professional to learn more about the basement foundation repair steps you can take.

Sinking Basement Floors

hydrostatic pressure basement foundation repairSoil settles because it is not tightly compacted like untouched soil. Furthermore, resulting in the failure to support the weight of the home. When a foundation cannot support the weight, basement floors will start to sink, and cracks in drywall, bricks, and garage columns will appear.

Bowing Basement Walls

When soil settles, water will gather around the foundation of a home without a way out. This gathered water will begin to exert large amounts of pressure against the walls of a basement, resulting in bowing or tilting basement walls. Cracks will soon begin to appear in the basement walls, allowing water to enter the basement.

Wall and Floor Cracks

Bowing basement walls and sinking basement floors will create cracks throughout a home, giving an easy route for water to enter a basement. Wall and floor cracks are serious signs of foundation damage in a home, and leaving these cracks unattended will only cause greater problems in the long run.Drywall Crack basement foundation repair

Mold and Mildew

Water and humidity in a basement create mold growth and nasty mildew smelling odors in a basement. About half of the air a homeowner breathes in their home is from the basement, and the air coming from the basement infected with mold and mildew will affect a homeowner’s health. This process of air traveling from the basement and into a home’s living space is known as the stack effect. There are basement foundation repair solutions that will keep a basement dry and a homeowner’s health protected.

Basement foundation problems are a common issue for homeowners because all soil settles. Tar Heel Basement Systems has the ability to provide homeowners with various basement foundation repair solutions to basements healthy and safe!

If you believe your home has any of these basement foundation problems, then call 888-333-1322 to schedule your free inspection! The first step to providing your home with a basement foundation repair solution!

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