Basement Waterproofing Before & After Photos

State Road, NC Damp Basement Walls

This home in State Road, North Carolina had a basement with cinder block walls that were damp and covered in efflorescence. The homeowner used this basement as a workshop and was interested in brightening the space. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed wall panels along the cinder block walls.

Glade Valley, NC- Jim R.

This customer received a full BasementGutter installation in his Glade Valley home.

Jonesville, NC- Basement Receives Bright Transformation

The Jonesville, NC homeowners decided to give their drab, unfinished basement an updated look without breaking the bank. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed Paneling System directly onto the basement walls giving the space a bright, welcoming look while preventing water vapor from coming through the panels.

Basement Floor in Jonesville, NC Becomes a Mud Pit when it Rains

This basement in Jonesville, NC was used to store exercise equipment and personal items. The homeowners were worried about mold growth because dirt floor would soak up water when it rains and cause the ground to become extremely muddy. Tar Heel Basement System installed their CrawlDrain™ and SmartDrain System to excavate the water from the basement and encapsulated the space with their patented CrawlSeal™ vapor barrier and Tar Heel Dehumidifier.

This basement is now a conditioned, dry space that will not grow mold and is safe to store belongings.

From Rusted, Leaky Basement Windows to Attractive, Energy Efficient Basement Windows – Advance, NC Home

This home in Advance, NC had basement windows with ugly metal frames that didn’t stand up to the wet and dirty environment near the ground. They were rusty and the gaps between the frame allowed water to leak into the basement. Tar Heel Basement Systems removed the old, leaky basement windows and installed our windows, which are made specifically for basements. The window is all vinyl, so it will never rot, rust, be eaten by termites or need to be painted. They are also crystal clear double thermopane glass, so they are energy efficient.

Natural light really makes a difference in the underground space. A basement window enclosure was installed around each of the windows to give the basement an attractive, bright, clean, solution that keeps rain out, prevents weeds from growing inside, and reflects lots of natural light into the space!

Total Before & After Sets: 65