Basement Waterproofing Before & After Photos

Lenoir, NC- Kiger

This basement was set up with inorganic wall paneling, BasementGutter, and crawlspace encapsulation to dry it out and brighten up space.

Newland, NC – Basement Wall Remodeled to Create Healthy Environment

The basement in this Newland, NC home had severe moisture problems that had caused the waterproof paint to bubble and peel. The walls were left with an unwelcoming view, leaving the basement damp and dark.

Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the patented BasementGutter Drainage System and SafeDri™ Triple Sump Pump System to permanently remove the moisture problem. Waterproof Panels were then installed giving the basement a healthy welcoming look. The drab basement has been completely transformed using all antimicrobial materials thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems.

Gate City, VA – Wet Basement Transformation

This basement in Gate City, VA experienced musty smells and pooling water when it would rain. The homeowners called the basement waterproofing professionals at Tar Heel for a permanent solution. Tar Heel Basement Systems came out and installed waterproof paneling, to cover and protect the walls from water seeping from the block foundation. The interior drainage system, BasementGutter, was also installed around the perimeter of the basement to give direction to the water coming in from behind the wall panels. Now the basement is completely dry and has a whole new look!

Basement Waterproofing in Spruce Pine, NC

After years of cleaning up their flooded basement every time it rained, the Spruce Pine, NC homeowners were in search of a permanent fix for their water issue. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed their patented BasementGutter Drainage System and SafeDri triple sump pump to keep this basement dry during even the heaviest of rains. Water intrusion was no longer an issue, as it was channeled to the sump pump and safely removed from the basement. CrawlSeal wall material was installed to give the basement a brighter look while allowing any water coming in through the cinderblocks at the bottom of the wall to drain into the system as well.

Winston-Salem, NC– Basement Walls

We recently lined the basement walls of the Ryan residence in Winston-Salem, NC. Now they are free and able to finish their basement in the future.

Total Before & After Sets: 65