Basement Waterproofing Before & After Photos

Flooded Basement in Rural Hall, NC Becomes Dry, Usable Space

This basement in Rural Hall, NC flooded every time it rained hard. In order to keep the water from making its way onto the floor, Tar Heel Basement Systems needed to give the water a route to exit the basement. After installing an interior perimeter drainage system and directing it to our SafeDri™ Super Sump Pump System, this basement remains dry even during the heaviest of rains.

East Bend, NC- Unfinished Basement is Now Stable and Dry

This basement had major issues with dampness and a bowing wall. The homeowners’ father built this home with his own hands and wanted to protect it. He called Tar Heel Basement Systems for help with his basement concerns. The Systems Designer came out and recommended BasementGutter interior drainage system, SafeDri™ Triple Sump Pump System, and Wall Anchors to stabilize the wall. Now, the basement is dry and the wall is stabilized, the homeowner is very happy with his permanent solution.

Lowgap, NC- Water Damaged Basement Becomes Dry

Unfortunately for this Lowgap, NC homeowner the April showers had gotten the best of the finished basement. Water damage along the finished walls and carpet was enough for the customer. Looking for a professional contractor to end the problem was their only option.

Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the patented BasementGutter Drainage System along the interior perimeter of the basement, catching intruding water and removing it safely away from the home. BasementGutter prevents clogging by sitting on top of the footing, eliminating the worry of system failure for the homeowners. The new panel boards and carpet can now be replaced with ease.

Winston Salem, NC- Heilman

Homeowners received BasementGutter, CrawlSeal, and regrading in their crawlspace.

Winston Salem, NC- Marvelli

The Marvellis in Winston Salem, NC have made a huge improvement to their basement. Using BasementGutter waterproofing materials and wall liner, their basement is now water-free and beautiful!

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