Asheboro, NC – Muddy Crawlspace Drained and Dried with SmartDrain and CrawlSeal

This homeowner’s crawlspace was very wet and humid and had actually become muddy over time. The sump pump was not functioning well enough to rid the area of water and the homeowner was afraid that the moisture would damage the infrastructure of his home. Our team arrived on the scene and installed an entire drainage and encapsulation system to rid the area of water and make it clean and healthy for the home. A SmartDrain system was installed to carry any running water out of the home and a SafeDri™ Triple Sump Pump System with FreezeGuard™ Discharge Line System to pump it out. Delta Drainage Matting and a vapor barrier was also laid down to seal off the area from any moisture, pests, and allergens from the soil. A Tar Heel dehumidifier was also installed to pull out any moisture that may find its way inside. The home is now healthy and dry and will stay this way for years to come.