Crawl Space in Lewisville, NC with an Energy Saving Combination

This crawl space in Lewisville, NC had some dampness from the exposed ground. The homeowner was concerned that this cold, damp area beneath her home was not only a breeding ground for mold and other allergens, but also raising her home’s energy costs.

Tar Heel Basement Systems removed the old insulation from the floor system above and installed our X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation panels along the perimeter of the crawl space. This 2” thick insulation with a radiant barrier insulates (R11) and reflects heat back into crawl space. Additionally, a 20 mil. thick vapor barrier, CrawlSeal, was installed along the floor and up the walls of the crawl space to keep moisture from entering the space. Lastly, to condition this area and keep humidity levels low, Tar Heel installed a Tar Heel dehumidification system in the crawl space.

This crawl space in Lewisville, NC is now extremely energy efficient and healthy.