Energy Efficient Windows That Look Great

This home in Greensboro, NC had (4) basement windows that were inefficient and unattractive. The homeowner was concerned that the poorly constructed windows that were currently in the basement would let in cold outside air in the winter, and warm humid air in the summer which causes condensation on the cold surfaces in the basement. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed (4) EverLast Basement Window Inserts in the existing metal window frames of this brick home in Greensboro, NC. The EverLast Basement Window Inserts are a clean-looking energy-efficient solution. It has two panes of Low-E glass, which reduce heat loss by conduction and radiation. A special metallic coating on the inside of the glass functions as a “heat mirror”, allowing visible light in, but reflecting heat. And because it doesn’t open, the window can be sealed up tight to stop air leakage and heat loss by convection.