Greensboro, NC – Standing Crawlspace Sealed and Dehumidified

This home in Greensboro was experiencing some high humidity in their large crawlspace that had started to effect the upper floors. A small section of sagging floor was also fixed with an IntelliJack installation. This was most likely caused by both the high humidity and extra weight from the upper floor. The CrawlSeal Vapor Barrier was installed to cover every inch of dirt on the floor and 3/4 of the brick and block walls. Sealant caulk was also used around piers and walls to create a seamless fit. To keep the area even drier, a Tar Heel Dehumidifier was installed and each vent was sealed up and insulated. This home’s crawlspace will now be free of moisture, will aid in keeping energy costs down and will create a more comfortable atmosphere all year round.