Moisture Free Crawl Space in Stokesdale, NC

The homeowners of this Stokesdale, NC home were ready to update their crawl space. There home was just over a decade old, but their crawl space was already being taken over by moisture, increasing their electric bill, ruining their insulation and products stored underneath the home.

Accomplishing each of the homeowner’s goals, the team created a dry, healthy and energy-efficient crawl space. The 20mil CrawlSeal liner replaced the thin, deteriorating vapor barrier. Keeping their electric bill from rising, the team installed the X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation along the interior perimeter, preventing outside air from entering the space and reflecting heat back into the crawl space for maximum energy savings. Keeping humidity levels low and preventing mold growth, the Aprilaire self-draining dehumidifier was installed. The homeowners now have a dry, storage space below their home!