Warrensville, NC- Nasty Crawl Space Receives Energy-Saving Transformation

The mountain home would experience cold floors during the winter months, leaving the homeowners with a hefty energy bill. The homeowners were seeking a long-term solution that would eliminate the problem with moisture and cold floors while also reducing their energy bill.

Tar Heel Basement Systems removed all the debris including falling insulation and a deteriorating vapor barrier. Preventing cold air from entering the space, the team sealed all foundation vents through the inside of the crawl space and installed X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation along the porous foundation walls. As each wall became insulated the team worked on separating the home from the exposed dirt below by installing the 20mil CrawlSeal liner, preventing ground moisture from reach the home above. The newly sealed crawl space will prevent moisture from taking over the space while also keeping cold air out.