Winston Salem, NC – Radio Station Sinking Sidewalk Raised

The sidewalk outside of the WBFJ radio station in Winston Salem, NC was poured over two decades ago. Throughout the years, the center of the sidewalk had cracked due to failing fill soil under the slab. Once the crack had emerged, moisture began to seep under the slab and intrude through the basement wall below. After any inclement weather, a large water stain would become visible along the sidewalk where the water would pool as it slowly seeped through the crack.

In less than two hours, Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to stabilize the failed soil under the slab, lift the sinking slab and seal the once open crack. A high-density, waterproof polyurethane foam called PolyRenewal was injected underneath the sinking slab through penny sized holes. The WBFJ radio station now has a stabilized and level sidewalk!