Concrete Lifting and Leveling Before & After Photos

Abingdon, VA – Sinking Slab Porch Raised with PolyRenewal

The sinking slab at this Abingdon, VA residence was a long term problem that could no longer be covered up with D.I.Y. patching. After several attempts at fixing the sinking porch themselves, the homeowner’s called Tar Heel Basement Systems for professional guidance.

The PolyRenewal Team stabilized the soil under the slab and lifted the slab back to the original height using high-density foam called, PolyRenewal. Unlike mud jacking or total concrete replacement, no destruction was done to the property or slab porch. Minutes after the slab was raised, the homeowner’s could walk on their now stabilized and level slab porch.

Sinking Driveway Restored in Abingdon, VA

The Abingdon, VA driveway had settled five inches throughout the recent years, causing difficulty when entering the garage. Needing to have the problem fixed without major disruption to the driveway, the homeowners called Tar Heel Basement Systems.

Using the PolyRenewal method to restore the slab, the installation team was able to lift the sinking driveway in just a day, without any disruption to the property. The two-part polyurethane foam was injected beneath the slab, filling the void and raising the slab, eliminating the drop just before the garage. Curing in just 15 minutes, the homeowners were able to drive on the area just after installation!

Lenoir, NC – Sunken Carport Raised with PolyRenewal

The carport at this Lenoir, NC home started to settle over a decade ago, but recently the problem was becoming progressively worse. The homeowners wanted to have the problem addressed immediately by a professional.

Tar Heel Basement Systems lifted the slab floor of the carport and successfully reattached the brick veneer along the wall by using PolyRewenal. The lightweight polyurethane foam was injected under the slab through small, penny-sized holes; leaving no trace of disruption to the property.

Hudson, NC- Slab Sidewalk Restored

Tar Heel Basement Systems restored the sinking sidewalk using, PolyRenewal, an innovative solution to unlevel or sinking concrete. The two-part polyurethane foam is injected beneath the slab through a penny-sized hole. The failed soil is compressed, filling the void beneath and raising the slab back to the appropriate level. Installed in just half a day, the Hudson, NC homeowners were able to use their sidewalk within just 30 minutes after the installation!

Morganton, NC – Sinking Driveway Restored

The curved, concrete driveway in Morganton, NC had begun to sink so severely that the slab had completely separated from the curb. The settling area was not only causing issues with the drain grate in the driveway, but it was also an eyesore.

Tar Heel Basement Systems restored and lifted the sinking slab by using the PolyRenewal System. The lightweight polyurethane foam was injected under the slab to lift and permanently stabilize the sidewalk and driveway.

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