Concrete Lifting and Leveling Before & After Photos

Hudson, NC- Slab Sidewalk Restored

Tar Heel Basement Systems restored the sinking sidewalk using, PolyRenewal, an innovative solution to unlevel or sinking concrete. The two-part polyurethane foam is injected beneath the slab through a penny-sized hole. The failed soil is compressed, filling the void beneath and raising the slab back to the appropriate level. Installed in just half a day, the Hudson, NC homeowners were able to use their sidewalk within just 30 minutes after the installation!

Morganton, NC – Sinking Driveway Restored

The curved, concrete driveway in Morganton, NC had begun to sink so severely that the slab had completely separated from the curb. The settling area was not only causing issues with the drain grate in the driveway, but it was also an eyesore.

Tar Heel Basement Systems restored and lifted the sinking slab by using the PolyRenewal System. The lightweight polyurethane foam was injected under the slab to lift and permanently stabilize the sidewalk and driveway.

Marion, NC- Carport Slab Repair

This Marion, NC carport was sinking over the years. Within the last year the problem became increasingly worse, causing rain water to pool up just by the home’s entrance door.

Tar Heel Basement Systems lifted and restored the sinking slab by injecting a two-part structural grade foam beneath the carport called PolyRenewal. The expanding foam stabilized the soil beneath the slab, allowing the carport to raise back to the appropriate level in half a day. The homeowners were able to use their carport just thirty minutes after installation was complete.

Independence, VA – Slab Sidewalk Raised with PolyRenewal

The Grayson County Sheriff’s Department had a sinking slab for years that was becoming a safety concern. Tar Heel Basement Systems raised the sinking slab using a waterproof, high-density polyurethane foam called PolyRenewal. No disruption was done to the sidewalk or landscape surrounding it. The once sinking slab has now been stabilized and lifted.

Thurmond, NC- Pool Deck Trip Hazard Resolved

Unfortunately this Thurmond, NC homeowner’s pool deck had become a “toe-stumper” and trip hazard, causing more worry than relaxation. Not wanting to rip out their entire pool deck in fear of messing up the pool itself, they called Tar Heel Basement Systems for an alternative solution.

With no disruption to the landscaping, pool deck or pool itself, Tar Heel Basement Systems lifted the sinking slab back level. The installation of the PolyRenewal system only took a few hours, which allowed the homeowners to enjoy their swimming pool later that day.

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