Concrete Lifting and Leveling Before & After Photos

Thurmond, NC- Pool Deck Trip Hazard Resolved

Unfortunately this Thurmond, NC homeowner’s pool deck had become a “toe-stumper” and trip hazard, causing more worry than relaxation. Not wanting to rip out their entire pool deck in fear of messing up the pool itself, they called Tar Heel Basement Systems for an alternative solution.

With no disruption to the landscaping, pool deck or pool itself, Tar Heel Basement Systems lifted the sinking slab back level. The installation of the PolyRenewal system only took a few hours, which allowed the homeowners to enjoy their swimming pool later that day.

State Road, NC- Sinking Patio Restored with PolyRenewal

After heavy rains, water puddled up in the corner of the patio due to the sinking slab. Having dealt with the issue for almost a decade, the homeowners were ready to have the problem resolved without causing major disruption to their property.

Tar Heel Basement Systems injected a two-part polyurethane foam beneath the slab through penny-sized holes. The void beneath the slab was filled, allowing for the patio to be raised and leveled. The State Road, NC homeowners have a leveled patio that caused no disruption to their property!

Asheboro, NC – Pool Deck Lift

This Triad homeowner’s pool deck had begun sinking approximately (6) six years ago, but was now becoming a problem because they needed a new pool liner. In order to ensure the new pool liner would be installed correctly, they needed to fix their settlement problem first.

The PolyRenewal team was able to meet this homeowner’s request by lifting the slab back to the appropriate height with no disruption to the yard or pool. Now this Asheboro, NC homeowner can enjoy their pool for many summers to come thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!

Front Porch Slab Raised with PolyRenewal in Yadkinville, NC

This Yadkinville, NC home has a large concrete porch that wraps around the house. Over time, the porch’s concrete slab settled, or sunk, nearly 2 inches.

Tar Heel Basement Systems used their state-of-the-art PolyRenewal System to lift and stabilize the porch in less than one day. The expanding polyurethane is injected beneath the sinking concrete through a penny-sized drilled hole to fill the void and lift the slab.

Mocksville, NC – Front Porch Raised with PolyRenewal

This beautiful Mocksville, NC home had a brick porch that had settled over the years and was now becoming a noticeable hazard when entering and exiting the home.

Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to completely raise and level the porch by using PolyRenewal, a high-density polyurethane foam that is lightweight and waterproof, giving this porch a fresh look!

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