Concrete Lifting and Leveling Before & After Photos

Greensboro, NC – PolyRenewal Fixes Pool Deck

This Greensboro, NC homeowner was in need of repairing their pool deck in order to finalize the sale of their home. They called Tar Heel Basement Systems for a professional consultation during the real estate process.

The PolyRenewal Team was able to lift and restore the settled slab back to the appropriate height, with no disruption to the pool during the lift process. Now this homeowner can finalize the sale of their home thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!

Winston Salem, NC – Sinking Concrete Slab in Carport Lifted

The concrete slab in this carport had sank more than 4 inches over the years. Rain water had slowly washed out the soil below the slab, causing it to drop. The most severe slab settlement was this back portion that overlooked the back yard.

Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to lift the sinking slab nearly 4 inches using their innovative PolyRenewal system. PolyRenewal is a structural foam that expands beneath the slab, compresses the soil below and lifts the concrete. The homeowner was able to pull their car into the carport when they returned from work this day.

Colfax, NC- Sinking Slab Stabilized and Raised

The Colfax, NC pool deck was sinking along the outer edge, creating a trip hazard. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to stabilize and raise the sinking slab by installing a high-density, waterproof foam under the slab called PolyRenewal. The homeowners now have a stable slab for their pool area for many years to come!

Cracked Foundation Slab Lifted in High Point, NC Home

This home in High Point, NC had carpet throughout the living room and laminate florring in the kitchen area. While walking through the house, the homeowner could feel a drop in the floor level in certain areas. This home was about to be put on the market to sell so the home inspector pulled back the carpet to see what the issues was. Sure enough, part of the slab had sunk close to an inch which caused a crack below the carpet and liminate that ran the entire length of the house.

Tar Heel Basement Systems was brought in to stabilize and re-level the concrete floor usinf the PolyRenewal System which utilizes high-density polyurethane to raise the slab back to its desired level. This is done by drilling small (penny-sized) holes in the slab then structural grade polymer is injected into the void. Once the void is filled, the expanding properties of the polyurethane allows for an accurate life and leveling of the slab.

Kernersville, NC- Concrete Slab Leveling

Tar Heel Basement Systems eliminated the trip hazard along this Kernersville, North Carolina sidewalk using PolyRenewal, an alternative concrete leveling solution.

A small, penny-sized hole was drilled in the slab allowing for the two-part polymer foam to be injected beneath the slab. PolyRenewal stabilized the failed soil, raising the sidewalk back to the appropriate level. In less than half a day the homeowners were able to use their newly leveled slab and there was no disruption to the slab or landscaping of the yard.

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