Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

Updated Crawl Space Vapor Barrier in Banner Elk, NC

Homeowner has lived in the home for 3 weeks and decided fixing her crawlspace was at the top of the list. It was bringing mildew and a musty smell into her home so she had Tar Heel Basement Systems install a complete crawlspace encapsulation system to rectify the problem.

Boone, NC – Crawl Space Becomes Energy Efficient

The crawl space in this Boone, NC home was failing to keep the area below the home properly insulated. The fiberglass insulation was beginning to fall as the increasing humidity levels rose. The thin, 6mil. vapor barrier was no longer protecting the home from the dirt floor surface below.

Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the energy-efficient encapsulation using X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation along the crawl space walls, CrawlSeal 20mil. liner along the crawl space floor and piers to completely seal off the home from the exposed dirt below.

The homeowners are excited and ready for winter with their newly encapsulated crawl space, thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!

Another Crawlspace Tranformation in Banner Elk, NC

Homeowners wanted to dry out their crawlspace and seal it up so that bugs and rodents couldn’t make their way in. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed their state of the art crawlspace encapsulation system and the house has been mouse-free ever since. Not to mention they can now use their crawlspace for additional storage space without a worry.

Mountain Home in Boone, NC Has Crawl Space Sealed

Moisture from the dirt crawl space was escaping into the living area above bringing a musty odor along with it. Wanting to eliminate their moisture problem permanently, the Boone, NC homeowners called Tar Heel Basement Systems.

Replacing the thin, 6mil vapor barrier with the 20mil CrawlSeal System prevented ground moisture from reaching the home above while also preventing condensation build up along the HVAC system allowing for better energy costs during the summer months. The dingy and dark crawl space is now bright and dry for many years to come!

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Banner Elk, NC

This 1500 sq. ft. crawlspace had falling insulation and was a breeding ground for mice and mold. Those problems were solved after Tar Heel Basement Systems installed their patented CrawlSeal crawlspace encapsulation system.

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