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Production crew is installing a sump pump and backup battery.

Waterproofing a Basement and Garage in Winston-Salem, NC

A basement in a Winston-Salem, NC, home was flooded every time it rained. With several waterproofing measures, we managed to fix this problem for the homeowners.

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A lot of homeowners prefer homes with basements since these areas can be converted into additional living space. While some decide to transform their basement into an entertainment area, a media room, or a home gym, others turn their basement into a spare bedroom, a bathroom, or a second living room. 

However, when a finished basement becomes flooded it turns into every homeowner’s nightmare. Cleaning this space lasts for days and many items cannot be salvaged. Floods do not leave just short-term consequences, but long-term ones as well. If a homeowner doesn’t notice standing water in their basement in time, mold growth can occur. Mold thrives in damp places and spreads fast. It also releases airborne spores that can contaminate the air in the entire house and lead to respiratory problems. 

When homeowners from Winston-Salem, NC, bought their home five years ago, they were disappointed to see that water was coming in through various areas of their finished basement as well as the attached garage. Although they tried to fix the problem from the outside, eventually the water in the basement reappeared. With several waterproofing solutions, we managed to ensure that their finished basement finally becomes a comfortable living area they can use. 

sump pump installation

Meeting the Customers 

When the homeowners called us regarding the water in their basement, it was not the first time that we’ve heard from them. Actually, in 2017 they called us to inspect their home. Back then, they were concerned about water entering their basement, and they were looking for a solution. That time they went with another company that offered to solve their problem from the outside. After three years, water started to appear in their basement once again. This time they called us again, ready to give another solution a chance. 

Our expert inspected their home and made several recommendations. The homeowners understood their options and decided to proceed with more permanent solutions. Their home was built in 1974 and they had lived there for the past five years. As they reported, they experienced basement and garage flooding during the storms. Every time there was heavy rain, their basement and garage ended up full of water. As homeowners humbly admitted, they didn’t know why that happened or how to fix the problem. 

Initial Inspection 

When our expert went to see the house, he was able to detect moisture problems in the basement. It was clear that this area had experienced multiple floods and signs of water damage were everywhere.  

The basement wasn’t the only area affected by the flood. The attached garage homeowners used for laundry and storage was also flooded every time the rain fell. The customers were tired of dealing with water damage several times a year and their goal was to have a basement completely protected from the water that entered through the floor. They also wanted to protect this area from the moisture that passes between the walls.  

Our inspector suggested several waterproofing solutions, which, when working together, would keep their basement and garage clean and dry. The homeowners gladly accepted all suggestions and gave our crew the green light. 

leak in garage

Repairing the Damage 

We realized that the best way to deal with this problem was from several different angles. The BasementGutter™ interior drainage system was in charge of catching the water that penetrates the walls and preventing it from causing any damage. Our crew installed this system in the basement as well as in the garage.  

Since BasementGutter™ goes below the ground, it is barely visible once installed. Unlike other drain systems, BasementGutter™ features a clog-free design. Because of this, homeowners won’t have to worry that it will get clogged with debris. It can be easily installed since it doesn’t require heavy excavation like an exterior drainage system and comes with a longtime warranty. 

Our crew also installed a SafeDri™ sump pump in the garage area that will quickly discharge large volumes of water in case of flooding. Our crew installed this type of sump pump because it features a cast-iron casing, instead of a plastic one. It also has a reliable switch that won’t fail the homeowners in case of an emergency. The customers also wanted a backup battery that will ensure that the sump pump will work even if there is a power outage, which is not unusual during heavy rainstorms. 

Another line of defense against moisture is WallSeal™. We installed this completely waterproof, plastic vapor barrier that will prevent the basement walls from being susceptible to water damage.  The benefits of this barrier are that it is durable, washable, and has anti-microbial protection. Just like other waterproofing measures taken here, WallSeal™ also installs quickly. Our crew was able to complete this project in three days. Since a finished basement was in question, we had to remove some areas with drywall to complete the installations. 

With these solutions in place, the homeowners were finally able to enjoy their finished and dry basement. 

If you have a basement, investing in waterproofing methods is a step in the right direction. A damp basement is a health hazard and mold and other allergens will get into the air and then into your lungs. By waterproofing your basement, not only will you prevent mold from thriving, but you will also protect the items you have stored down there. Investing in these solutions will also increase the value of your home. 

Whether your home has already experienced water damage or you just wish to be preventative about this sort of thing, contact the experts at Tar Heel Basement Systems serving Winston-Salem, NC, and schedule a free inspection and repair quote

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