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The finished product of the wall anchor on the cinderblock wall.

Fixing a Cracked and Bowed Wall in Kernersville, NC

A homeowner from Kernersville, NC, called us worried about a large crack in his basement wall. Here is what we found.

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Keeping your home and your foundation in the best possible shape is important for several reasons. First, a healthy home is a stable home. Foundation issues can compromise structural stability and, if things get out of hand, cause the building to collapse. In addition, foundation problems can lead to moisture infiltration. Mold thrives in moist conditions and can easily contaminate the air you breathe and cause respiratory problems. 

Second, selling a damaged home is not easy. Today’s market is very competitive, and naturally, buyers want to get the best home their money can buy. Even slight problems such as a cracked driveway or a poorly lit living room can turn them away. Large problems such as foundation issues are often deal-breakers. No one wants to move into a new home and then spend more money on serious repairs. 

Therefore, to increase the market value of their place, homeowners need to make sure that their home is in top shape. Our customer from Kernersville, NC, was completely aware of this, which is why he called us when he noticed cracks in the basement wall. After our thorough inspection, we agreed that wall anchors were the best solution, and we were able to completely stabilize the walls. 

 installed wall anchors

Meeting the Customer 

The customer from Kernersville, which is approximately 10 miles east of Winston-Salem, NC, called us worried about the cracks in the basement wall. He was aware that cracks could be a sign of structural issues. Since he was selling his home, he wanted to fix this issue so it would not lower the value of the house. The home was built in 2002 and the homeowner had been living there for the past 13 years. This is why he was fully aware of the structure’s problems and all the factors that could affect its price. 

Initial Inspection 

When our inspector came to the house, he went to the basement where he was able to notice the infamous cracks in the wall. This foundation wall was made of concrete blocks and had several hairline cracks. However, that was not what concerned our expert. It was the large vertical crack on the wall that presented a problem

Although there are numerous cases when cracks in the foundation walls can be a sign of serious issues, they are not always a red flag. Cracks often occur. However, if they become wider over time, they could be a sign of underlying problems. In this case, a large crack on the wall was signaling that the wall was starting to bow.  

Bowing of the walls often happens as a consequence of hydrostatic pressure. When the soil around the foundation becomes oversaturated, hydrostatic pressure increases and pushes the walls inward. It was evident that this wall needed to be stabilized. Our inspector talked to the homeowner and presented several options. All of the solutions were explored and fully explained so that the homeowner could make a well-informed decision. Finally, we agreed upon wall anchors. 

crack in wall

Repairing the Damage 

Our crew needed two days to complete this project. Five wall anchors were used to stabilize the basement wall. These wall anchors extend out to the stable soil beyond the home, where they anchor themselves. The interior anchors brace the foundation wall which stops the inward movement completely. Over time, the anchors can be tightened to slowly move the walls back toward their original position.   

These heavy-duty anchors are engineered to stand the test of time, and installing them is a much better solution than completely replacing the foundation wall. Since they strengthen the foundation walls, they increase the living and storage space, therefore restoring the property value. To give these wall anchors a nice, finished look, our crew also installed five wall anchor covers. Wall anchors come with a longtime warranty, which is very important to potential buyers.  

Since these fixtures can be installed with minimal disruption, our crew was able to quickly complete the job, which was very important to the homeowner as he wanted to put the house on the market as soon as possible. He wanted to sell a home with no structural issues and five wall anchors turned his wishes into reality. 

after foundation repair

The customer was very pleased with what we completed, and he was impressed by our crew’s thoroughness and professionalism. 

Are the walls in your basement bowing? Or maybe you have noticed some other problem with your foundation? Whatever the case, we are here to help. Here at Tar Heel Basement Systems, we offer a free inspection and quote. Schedule the estimate and one of our experts will come to your home, inspect it, and detect potential problems. They will also recommend solutions that are suitable for you and your budget. Our skilled and trustworthy team will help restore your home to its previous condition and make your home safe again for you and your family.

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