Mold in Greensboro Homes Make Local News

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Mold has become a growing issue across North Carolina, as the southeast is know for high humidity levels and heavy rains. Last night Fox8 News did a segment on the increasing number of homes and apartments in Greensboro that have mold growth.

The video discusses that finding the cause of the mold should be the main concern of homeowners and landlords. It goes on to mention that moisture is the main cause of mold growth in buildings and that by controlling the moisture/humidity levels, mold can be prevented.

The Greensboro Housing Coalition has been working diligently to ensure that the residents in Greensboro are aware of these problems and taking the proper steps to create a healthy living environment.

Tar Heel Basement Systems has been helping improve the indoor air quality in homes for more than 10 years. We correct the root of a problem (moisture) to ensure that mold does not continue to grow and endanger North Carolina and Virginia residents.

Watch the segment by following this link: What to do about mold


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