THBS Back 2 School Drives are a Huge Success

Monday, August 11th, 2014
Tar Heels Back 2 School Drives are a Huge Success

The response to our school supply and clothing drive was so successful that we collected…

201 school supplies


228 articles of donated clothing!

Our marketing director, Jackie Hoffman, traveled back up to Watauga County to volunteer at the Back 2 School Festival where kids and families signed up to receive some much-needed gear for the new school year. She reported that the school gymnasium was absolutely filled with families and school kids picking out backpacks, supplies, and clothing.

Team Tar Heel pay if forward
Tar Heel gives back to the community

Tar Heel Basement Systems is so proud to have participated in this drive and thanks each and every individual who donated their time and money to this great cause.

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