Photo Album: Walkertown, NC - Extreme Crawl Space Makeover

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Open vents were the main culprit for the damage that had been created in this Walkertown, NC crawl space. Over time the vents had allowed for water vapor to enter the space and create an unhealthy damp and moldy environment.

Tar Heel Basement Systems created a healthy and dry environment below the home by correcting the ground water leakage, relative humidity, open vents and failing access door.

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  • Having a Vented Crawl Space is a Bad Idea
  • Fiberglass Insulation and Moisture is a Bad Combination
  • Insufficient Crawl Space Access Door
  • Management of Ground Water Leakage
  • Triple The Safety Sump Pump
  • The King and Queen of Sump Pumps
  • The Anti-Mold Machine
  • Seal Out Outside Air
  • Healthy Crawl Space Environment