Photo Album: Walnut Cove, NC - Failing Basement Wall Reinforced with Wall Anchors

Album Description

Horizontal cracks running horizontal along the underground basement wall was an all too familiar sight for these Walnut Cove, NC homeowners. Over time the "L" brackets had begun to fail and the cracks grew increasingly larger and the basement wall began to bow.

Tar Heel Basement Systems stabilized the failing wall by installing the Basement Wall Anchor System. The weight of the wall was taken off of the failing "L" brackets and transferred to the Basement Wall Anchors System. The homeowners now have a stable and safe basement!

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  • Failing Wall Support
  • Insufficient Foundation Solution
  • Earth Anchor Installation
  • Wall Plate Installation
  • Wall Plate Tightening
  • Leveled System
  • Installation Completion
  • Stabilized Basement Wall