Photo Album: Liberty, NC- Damp Crawl Space Makeover

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The damp crawl space under this Liberty, NC home was caused by open vents and exposed dirt allowing for humidity and ground water moisture to claim the space as their own. The homeowners HVAC unit had to work extra hard due to the excessive condensation build up along the duct work. Wanting to save more money on their power bill by reducing the usage of their HVAC system, the homeowners were in need of a professional encapsulation of their crawl space.

Tar Heel Basement Systems met the goals of the homeowners by transforming their once damp crawl space into a dry and conditioned environment below the home. Each vent was sealed while the home became completely separated from the exposed dirt below using the CrawlSeal Encapsulation System.

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  • Sweating Ducts
  • Crawl Space Storage Space
  • Sealed Vents
  • Keep Outside Air Out
  • Sealed Dirt Floor
  • The Anti-Mold Machine
  • Encapsulated Crawl Space