Photo Album: Finished Basement with Mold Problems

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This homeowner in Winston Salem did not think she had a moisture issue in her basement because she had exterior drainage and no signs of water. After finishing her basement, she noticed mold growing on the walls, making it apparent that there was a moisture problem in her basement. She called Tar Heel Basement Systems to waterproof her basement from the inside and prevent mold from returning.

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  • Rotted Plywood Behind Basement Walls
  • Water Damage Behind Basement Walls in Winston Salem
  • Basement Waterproofing and Wall Repair in Winston Salem, NC
  • New and Improved Walls in a Dry Basement
  • Basement Closet Waterproofed
  • Basement Closet Repaired
  • Winston Salem Basement Before Installation
  • Finished Basement is Now Dry and Mold-Free