Photo Album: Basement Becomes Permanently Dry in Lexington, NC

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During heavy rains, water would puddle into the basement ruining the homeowners basement flooring and items stored along the floor. After years of continuously vacuuming up water throughout the basement and having exterior waterproofing completed that failed, the homeowner wanted a permanent solution.

Tar Heel Basement Systems met the goals of the homeowner by installing the BasementGutter Drainage System paired with the SafeDri triple sump pump giving the homeowner a permanently dry basement, even during a power outage.

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  • Aftermath of a Flooded Basement
  • Ruined Items in Wet Basement
  • Installation Preperation
  • Interior Drainage System Install
  • Removal of Hydrostatic Pressure
  • BasementGutter Measurements
  • BasementGutter Installation
  • Leveled Drainage System
  • Sump Pump Basin
  • BasementGutter Channeled Into SafeDri Triple Sump Pump
  • Incognito  Waterproofing System
  • Air Tight Sump Pump Lid
  • Dry Basement During Power Outages
  • Permanently Dry Basement