Photo Album: Consecutive Days of Rain Means a Flooded Basement in Hamptonville, NC

Album Description

This basement tended to flood when it rained continuously in Hamptonville, NC. There is a wall that separates the basement from the garage and water appeared to come in where the floor meets the wall. The homeowner called Tar Heel Basement Systems to install their BasementGutter System to direct the water outside of the basement for good!

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  • Water Intrusion at Basement Corner
  • Full Perimeter BasementGutter System Drains Wet Basement
  • Full Perimter Basement Drainage System Installed
  • Taking on Water in this Hamptonville, NC Basement
  • Drainage System Can Be Installed Around the Pressure Tank
  • BasementGutter Basement Drainage System Keeps Basement Dry
  • Basement in Hamptonville Floods After Days of Rain
  • Tar Heel Basement Systems Installs BasementGutter Basement Drainage System
  • Condensation Line Drain