Photo Album: Greensboro, NC- Settling Sidewalk Raised

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The sidewalk in front of this Greensboro, NC home had settled just over an inch creating a trip hazard that was preventing the homeowners from placing their home on the market. A convenient and timely fix with no disruption to their yard or slab is what the homeowners were needing. 

The PolyRenewal team at Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to meet all the homeowners goals by injecting a two-part structural foam called, PolyRenewal beneath the slab, filling the void and raising the sidewalk to the proper level. In less than three hours, the homeowners had a safe sidewalk for their home with no disruption to their property! 

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  • Sinking Slab Sidewalk
  • Installation without Ruining of Slab
  • Injection Ports
  • PolyRenewal Injection
  • Leveled Slab
  • Final Clean-up
  • Leveled Sidewalk in Greensboro, NC