Photo Album: Once Wet Basement, Now Permanently Dry in Danville, VA

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For the past year, the Danville, VA homeowners would fear projected rain in the forecast. Their basement would flood every time there was the slightest rain storm, causing mold growth along the drywall and stored items. They noticed the mold was getting progressively worse and the basement stayed damp or wet all the time so the homeowners were in need of a permanent fix.

Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to alleviate their concerns by installing the BasementGutter Drainage System, SafeDri super sump pump and Tar Heel dehumidifier. The homeowners are now looking forward to entering their basement during the next rain storm to see their dry basement.

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  • Mold Growth Along Drywall
  • Negative Effects of a Household Dehumidifier
  • The Start of a Dry Basement
  • Insider's Strategy
  • Interior Drainage System
  • SafeDri Super Water Pump
  • Discreet Drainage System
  • The Anti-Mold Machine
  • Permanently Dry Basement