Photo Album: Basement Wall Stabilized with Basement Wall Anchors in High Point, NC

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Horizontal cracks had begun forming in 2011, growing gradually larger throughout the years, the homeowners attempted to remedy their wall problem by caulking the cracks and painting over the wall. Unfortunately, this was only a temporary cosmetic fix as the cracks grew larger, causing the paint and caulk to separate. Needing a professional, the homeowners called Tar Heel Basement Systems.

Six Basement Wall Anchors were installed along the failing basement wall, providing an immediate solution for many years. The homeowners now have a permanently stable wall and no longer worry of growing cracks.

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  • Failed Basement Wall
  • Temporary Fix Leads to Bigger Problems
  • The First Step to a Stabilized Foundation
  • Anchor Rod Installation
  • Earth Plate Installation
  • Stabilized Basement Wall
  • The Basement Wall Anchor System
  • Clean-up