Photo Album: Crawl Space with High Humidity and Mold Growth in Mebane, NC

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This home in Mebane, NC had a crawlspace with very high relative humidity, which caused condensation and the start of mold growth on the floor joists. The crawlspace had a very thin, worn plastic covering part of the ground, but the space was not sealed so this crawl space always had moisture issues.

David See, Tar Heel Basement Systems Foreman, and his installation crew sealed the crawlspace with our CrawlSeal vapor barrier, installed vent covers and our crawl space door, and conditioned the space with our Tar Heel crawlspace dehumidifier. Now that this is a conditioned, dry environment, the homeowners no longer needs to worry about mold growth or wood rot underneath the home.


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  • Crawl space Door in Mebane
  • Damp Crawlspace in Mebane, NC
  • Moisture in Mebane Crawlspace with Poor Vapor Barrier
  • Dry, Sealed Crawl Space in Mebane, NC
  • A Once Damp Crawlspace is Now Dry and Mold-Free