Photo Album: Extremely Wet Crawl Space in Blowing Rock, NC

Album Description

This vented crawl space in Blowing Rock, NC had major moisture issues. The insulation was saturated and falling, the pipes were dripping with condensation and the floor system was covered in mold and wood rot. Tar Heel Basement Systems Foreman, Steven LaGray, and his crew sealed the vents, replaced the old plastic with our patented CrawlSeal vapor barrier and installed a Tar Heel energy efficient crawl space dehumidifier. This crawl space was once a saturated breeding ground for mold, but is now a healthy and dry space.

Additionally, the floor system had tremendous damage due to all of the mold and moisture, so VPC Builders came in and replaced the entire floor system before we encapsulated the space.

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  • Falling Insulation and Dripping Pipes
  • Insulation Removed During Encapsulation
  • Condensation in Blowing Rock, NC Crawl Space
  • A Dry Crawl Space in Blowing Rock, NC
  • Excessive Moisture Caused Wood Rot in Blowing Rock, NC Crawl Space
  • Keeping Your Crawl Space Dry Could Save Your Floor System